Fireplace in bathroom ????

gunsmokeFebruary 18, 2008

Hi Ya'll I'm a newbee here so I hope I'm not going to ask dumb questions.. So here goes... I am going to build a master bath.. approx. size will be 12x16. I do not want to put ugly elect. heaters in the ceiling or base board heating.(I'm an electrical contractor) and I hate that stuff.. So I want to put a fireplace in such as the Lopi model 21 DV. Has anyone had any dealings with such a project ??? Pro's and Con's

Thanks....for any help...

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I've seen it done, but personally my suggestion would be to put in underfloor radiant heat and move the fireplace somewhere else...

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Thanks kframe 19. but it will be a gas log mess.

Thanks again...

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Yes, it's done. I'm not quite sure how well it's likely to work as a primary source of heat. It may tend to overheat a small room, or may tend to provide spot heat rather than heat the room itself.

I'd seek out the opinions of some qualified designers and/or fireplace dealers and installers and ask quations about such possible problems until you are satisfied that things will work right.

The bathroom fireplaces I've seen seemed to be mostly for decoration, rather than heating.

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go to & look up cottage mini gas stove. It's a small direct vent unit in soapstone. Not a fireplace, so if you have your heart set on one, you won't like this. But this small unit is, in my opinion, a real charmer, and its limited heating capacity may be just what you need for your bathroom. Other manufacturers may have similar units. Think about it.

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First off I want to welcome you to this forum and I don't want you to take this personally, however a 12'X16' bathroom with a fireplace?? I remember when I had to use an outhouse in our summer home and then my dad rigged up a flush toilet in there and it was considered luxury by everybody that used it! I'm sorry but I have a life outside of my "bathroom"! I use it to shower, brush my teeth & take a dump and then I'm outa' there!! A fire place in a bathroom? Hmmmm, why not Greek portals, naked statues and cherubs with water spitting out of their mouths! They make great shower heads! I think about all the people suffering in this world and we "Americans" are worrying about a fireplace in a bathroom. I watch the home shows and see terrific kitchens and baths get torn out because they're "dated!" The whole thing makes me sick!! Okay now you can verbally beat me up!


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I have a gas, vented fireplace at my whirlpool in the master bath. I put it in for the same reason as you say, that you need some extra heat when bathing and why put in an ugly thru the wall heater when you can make it beautiful AND functional.

There are no cons for me. I've been using it for 9 years and happy with the decision to install it.

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Love the idea, couldn't make it work in my being built house-- I already have 5, couldn't justify another, so was trying to figure a way to use a double sided for the master bed and bath.

My only issue is that these units aren't very efficient as a primary heat source. Better as a heat boost and mood setter, but other than that, by all means go for it.

You may want to place it where you'll be able to enjoy if from the tub, maybe the shower, too, and possibly where it will reflect in the mirror while you are brushing teeth, etc.

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Code wise the only bathroom gas fireplaces must be listed, tested and certified for installation in those locations.
the ones that are have to satisfy all combustion air requirements from the outside.
There are two types of gas fireplaces
Decorative is just that better than 50 % of heat exits up the chimney
High efficiency ones are tested and listed providing their efficiency rating the Decorative ones are not required to be efficiency rated And thus cost less. To me if burning the fuel might as well enjoy the heat. Why have half it go up your chimney. the efficiency rated ones can approach 80% efficiency. As an inspector I have dealt with the installations before. I first read the manual to see if the stove is listed for the location it is installed in. I have had to fail and demand removal of those that are not listed for that installation location. A fuel burning appliance in a confided area Should send up red carbon monoxide signs.
Having a potential carbon monoxide producing appliance in a bedroom is not the best Idea While sleeping we are in our most venerable state. That is why the appliance has to be tested certified and listed for that location

For more info I suggest you post your concerns on

Here is a link that might be useful: Hearthtalk

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