another wooden bunk bed question

andreagbJanuary 13, 2006

Hello all: Just found these, on the JC Penney website.;SearchString=bunk+bed&RefPage=SearchProducts&FromBanners=N&S4DeptID=25438&S4PageNum=1&S4PageSize=28&Dep=home+furnishings

Seems like a good price, and the site describes them as solid wood. But should we press further and find out what kind of wood? should we stick with maple, as opposed to pine, rubberwood, etc?

Kelley Furniture in Laguna Hills, CA, is selling a maple bunk bed set for $600 -- again, a great price. But I've never heard of them, and no one here seems to have bought from them, and they're far away. We could return stuff to Penney's if need be; it'd be a lot more complicated with Kelley Furniture.

Is it important to get maple? if so, why? what should we be wary of? thanks, everyone.

Here is a link that might be useful: jcpenney bunk beds

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Please read down to my reply on the last bunkbed posting. Bunkbeds get a lot of wear and tear on their structures ESPECIALLY with boys!!! They play on them. It's important not only to get good wood, but check out how they are constructed and assembled! Do they have solid square posts? How are the railings put together, how are the slats held in place? Do you have to have a bunky board? (We have a sheet of plywood instead). My dad was a cabinet- maker and taught me that pine is a soft wood, so I wanted a hard wood for my children's beds. Stanley is well built. Our 2 sets are maple and solid. The bunk beds do not rock when you push on them! We've own them since our boys were little, about 14 years for the first set; and yes they can hold an 18 year old on the top bunk. They can also be seperated into twin beds. Our 20 year old, seperated his and move his half of the set up north to his college apt. If you live in So CA you can google "Pacific Sales" and go to their furniture store in Cerritos (not far). You can see Stanley sets there and get an idea of costs. Costco once had a set that looked exactly like a Stanley and solid maple for under $400. You can check their stores and online stores. Also, if you don't need a top bunk: someone on craigslist is selling a complete set cheap. One thing I wish I had purchased, was a trundle for underneath instead of the storge bins. A trundle would be great for sleep overs! Hope this helps.

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Toomuchwashing, can you send me the craigslist posting?

We saw the Stanley at a local furniture store and liked them, but I thought I remembered posts on this forum casting aspersions on Stanley's quality. Also, I'm betting we could get them from North Carolina for much less than the local price... thanks for the feedback.

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Hate to revive an old thread (trying to read up on bunks and lofts as we just bought one) - but what is a "bunky board" that you mentioned above? We just bought the Travis loft from Bombay Kids for a boy that is now 10 and we hope it will last until he leaves for college (he has a VERY small room and we're not planning on moving) - do we need a bunky board? If so, what is it and were do we get one?

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We didn't buy bunky boards. We measured and then went to Home Depot and had them cut a very thick piece of plywood to fit. They're still holding up after 15 years.
Hint: To help starve off dust mites. Enclosed mattress in zippered allergy cover (cloth not plastic). Bottom kid won't get a shower of dust mites, and you'll save money at the allergists. I learn that the hard way.

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Actually, snookums, thanks for reviving the thread. DS2 has now learned to climb out of his crib (at 4 am this morning, thank you very much), so the bunkbed quest has become urgent! Toomuchwashing, thanks for the plywood-plus-allergy cover tip.

Everyone, would you buy this Costco maple bunkbed for $589 delivered? (local price for a new Stanley set is $788, plus delivery...)

Here is a link that might be useful: costco maple bunkbed

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Careful with the terms that are used to describe furniture. Solid wood could be legally defined as 1/32" wood veneer over particle board. Definitely as what wood it is and get it in writing. Ask if there are any veneers. Ask what the weight load is. What is the warranty? If you have more questions email me at, I would be glad to answer any question you have.

Good luck,

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I saw the bunkbeds at Costco and they are very nice. Though I didn't see a Stanley one to compare but $788 is a great price for that too.

After doing some research I learned that the required weight load for all bunkbeds/loftbeds sold in the US according to the CPSC is minimum 400 pounds.

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