Any experiences ordering from Home Depot?

texanniewJanuary 19, 2012

We are looking at buying from them but I am a little worried about all the add on costs(padding, hauling old carpet away, moving big furniture) to what seems like a great sales price.

Anyone order from them?

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I purchased all my wood flooring from them and was more than happy with the results. They subcontract to local installers and we got a great father and son who did an impeccable job. They even helped us move the furniture and put it back.

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We ordered carpet from Lowes. We've had problems with the installers and the carpet pad. The only thing that went right is the carpet itself. If we had to do it over again we would buy from a carpet retailer that directly employs their own installers.

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I have not bought carpet from them yet but am considering it. This is the info I have received from Home Depot:

97 dollars for installation unless its on sale then its 37 dollars. .15 cents per square foot to tear out old carpet. If you have a manufactured home (mobile home), add another .15 cents per square foot. If they have to move furniture then there is an additional charge per room. What I have found so far is that even after adding all that up it still comes out cheaper than carpet installation from a carpet store. I have not seen carpet installation cheaper anywhere than well over 1.35 per square foot. I am in the Hickory, NC area.

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