Pellet stove into existing ductwork????

jarvinenFebruary 28, 2008

I'm researching and planning on installing a pellet stove to try and reduce our high propane costs. Does anyone have any experience tying the pellet stove directly into the existing ductwork from the furnace? Is that a possibility?

And any glowing recommendations for a good stove? It will go in the basement and we have a 2000 sq.ft. house (2,600 with basement) with a loft. We live in northern Michigan.

Thank you.

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A pellet stove is really not designed for what you are trying to do. Now with that said they do make pellet furnaces that will attach to your existing duct work. Just do a google search for pellet furnaces. Hope this helps.

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Rather than attaching it directly into the ductwork is there a hood available for capturing the rising heat and directing it into the ductwork? Fans could be used to vent it through.

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Our house is close in size to yours, but is a split level. We have a drop ceiling in the lower level. In the ceiling above the pellet stove we added a return vent to the ductwork. We leave the circulating fan on and this distributes the warmer air throughout the house. We keep our thermostat set at 65, and with the pellet stove going the house stays around 68 except on the coldest days(Maryland....coldest equals mid 20's).

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