What kind is this

azbutchFebruary 22, 2013

This fireplace is in a house I am considering. I need to know what it is, i.e. manufacture, model and anything else you can tell me.
Thank you in advance.

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I can't even tell if it's gas or wood burning.

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ditto christopherh !

geez, open the doors and have a look inside and have the agent ask the owner to answer those questions.

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I was wondering what the response was going to be? I was always told there aren't any stupid questions, however.......

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Well, I guess I should have gone into greater detail for those of you who need explantions rather than simply answering a question. I can't get in the house. It is foreclosed and owned by Fannie May and they have not put it up for sale yet. I am working off of pictures from a prior MLS listing. I expect the house to come up for auction. And by the way sasafras, I wasn't the one who said he couldn't tell whether it was wood burning or not.
There now, is that better?

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No guarantees on my information.

Looks like an older heatilator type fireplace: Heavy steel firebox inside a masonry structure with a masonry flue. If that's the case, it is wood burning and unless this was overfired/well used (doesn't look it) it should be an excellent wood burning fireplace. Ones that are overfired tend to crack the heavy steel firebox down the back. (prevent this by loosely setting firebrick against the first foot or so high of steel firebox before you use it). One way to verify if I am correct is to take a look at the roof and determine if there is a masonry stack with an orange/red/ or grey tile liner protruding - if there is, The type of firebox and system I've described is very likely there. They are good units that put out more heat than most standard masonry fireplaces; like any masonry fireplace, they can easily be converted to gas.

Having said all that, no one here OWES you an answer. You asked a question with limited information and many thousands of possible answers. VERY few people are going to look at the face of a fireplace and be able to tell you what kind it is or what fuel it can burn, let alone the brand or model!

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Thank you berlin for taking the time to respond. I do appreciate it.
And you are right, no one owes me an answer. My snarky response was a result of something else I didn't think I was owed, i.e. " I was wondering what the response was going to be? I was always told there aren't any stupid questions, however....."

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I apologize, no that wasn't nice and am sorry. Yes it appears to be a 70's era heatalator which were great units but many were removed because of the dated designs. The fireboxes were certainly more robust than todays models. Since we are talking possible 40 year old unit the first thing once in your new place would be to have the flue (chimney) inspected as well as look for cracks in the firebox. There is a thread here where a poster was recommended lining the flue with stainless. If a stainless steel liner is present you really don't have to be concerned with flue issues if not, a complete inspection of the flue for cracks and fisures is prudent.

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Here is the link to the post I talk about linings.


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Southern Canuck, Stainless liners on fireplace flues that are intact are a waste of money and unnecessary. I'm not sure whether you sell them or simply believe the propaganda, but they are not a 'blanket fix' for all chimneys, appliances, and fuels. In addition they may cause more problems with safety and performance than they intend to solve in certain situations. Rarely they are needed and often they are a solution in search of a problem. Please don't respond with the threat of a multi-page dissertation.

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I agree to disagree. I have not, do not, or will sell stainless steel liners. I am an old ironmaker that has been dealing with refractory and combustion practices and application for many decades. All that science applies to residential units as well. I do respectfully ask what safety and performance issues would there be with stainless? I always hope to learn something new, at least daily. And I never threaten.

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Hey SouthernCanuck, everything fine. But, beyond that thanks for responding and taking time to explain and for sending the link.
It is appreciated. And berlin, I swung by the place, but since it is a townhouse couldn't get to the back to check and see if a flue stuck out the top or not. Do you know, do Heatilators have a fan or just heated ariflow? In any case I would convert to gas as I wouldn't have a ready access to free firewood as I do now.
Thanks again to both of you. I'm learning.

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The heatalators here had power fans on them, really threw the air around the room.

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