Pellet stove

murf1February 6, 2005

Just a curiosity question, was wondering if anyone has ever monitored the air temp coming from their stove and then compared it with different pellet brands or hardwood vs softwood ?? Is there really a big differance ??

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That is a very good questions and I would like to see some input on this also .

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4" from stove ranges between 140 - 180 degrees. no softwood pellets tried.

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What heat setting do you have it on? My pellet stove wide open and up to temp will get an over thermometer up to 350-375 on average. It has peaked out as a high as 400+. the distance from the stove is about 2".

That is running CubeX hardwoods rated at 9K btu

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Actually what I was interested in is the heat output, not so much the exhaust temp, I think the exhaust will always stay in a certain range. What I am trying to figure out is weather or not it is worth the extra money to buy softwood pellets next year. I just bought a pretty accurate magnetic type thermostat that I leave on the front of the stove near the area where the air comes out of the heat exchanger tubes. I am going to experiment with both types of pellets at different heat settings and feed rates, I will post the results when I get them.

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Instead of the cheap thermostat that came with my Quadra-Fire stove; I use a digital programmable thermostat which is very accurate. I haven't actually measured the temp of the heat coming directly out of the blower exhaust on the stove; but I can tell you that different brands of pellets make a difference in cleaning more than anything else.

The Liginetics brand and Stove Chow brand (I get Liginetics pellets at Lowes, Stove Chow at Home Depot) leave a good bit of clinkers, but they are very easy to clean out of the firepot (they tend to "clump together" and don't stick to the firepot.

The Bio-Plus brand (cheaper, only $3 per bag at walmart) don't leave hardly any clinkers at all, but the residue that they do leave seems to "fuse" itself to the firepot, and I have to take a small chisel to scrape the firepot every couple days.

I don't care for the Eureka pellets (comes in a red and white bag). They have a strong odor of wood, and for some reason they burn like they've got lighter fluid in them! Maybe it's just my stove; but the flames they make are huge.

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I donÂt think it is worth the time or effort to figure this out because there are so many factors to consider. Each person will have different results due to stove manufacturer, model, outside air feed temp, moisture, elevation, pellet handing and storage.

Important factor to keep in mind Â

1. Each pellet had a btu rating per lb.
2. Pellets are rated for ash output
3. Carbon emission rating per lb.
4. Most important - price

Most heat output might not be cheapest heat. If you like the brand you are using great, if not, try another

As long as my family is warm and I am saving moneyÂÂ IÂm happy.

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