Week 13 Health Check-in

kellyengApril 4, 2012

Things are moving along really great, lost 3.5lbs last week! Since I hurt my knee, my weight went up a bunch so now I'm finally 5lbs lower than where I started in January.

My eating is spot on. The juicing has really changed the way I see food. Right now, it's more about sustaining myself and not really enjoyment. I'm okay with that for now, I don't feel deprived and I'm not really having to resist cravings/temptations or anything.

Workouts are going great, I'm taking one or two spin classes a day and weight training three times a week. I'm having kind of a delicate problem with the down stairs areas and the bike seat. Gonna have to figure that out because I think it goes beyond having a seat cover.

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Woo-hoo - way to go Kelly!!

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kelly, as a long time cyclist as well as a former spin class participant , there are several things to be aware of. First you have kind of gone from " zero to 60" as far as the classes. You probably need to start with less intensity...not 2 classes in one day. Also what are you wearing ? Bike shorts, regular shorts..tights..padded...not padded ? What about the pedal position...this has a lot to do with sliding on the seat and friction...something that can be very painful. make sure you are not moving at all on the seat when you are pedaling. Also ....dampness/sweat...you have to get out of the wet clothes immediately after class to prevent bacteria from messing you up also fungal infections. There are some great products for relieving friction..."butt balm" stuff for cyclists that work great. I use it every day usually 2x a day when on a tour. it is essential. I think though that you need to try the above ideas first. Good Luck and let your butt have time to get used to the new regimen. c

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I'm on track again with the gym. But I've had 2 migraines after working out in the last 2 weeks.

I hate to whine about it but....waaaahhhhh! I'm trying to do the right thing here, and I enjoy working out, I shouldn't be punished with a debilitating migraine after a workout!! Waaahhh.

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polly I am linking to a very interesting article on migraines. As to your exercise and the migraine , I think the theory of the calcium/magnesium has a very big role. Perhaps your electrolyte intake could use some adjustment as you are exercising and afterwards. Some very interesting reading. I sure hope you get some relief. c

Here is a link that might be useful: migraines

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Thanks Trail, I guess I did ramp it up pretty quickly. Oh, it's not my butt that hurts or friction, it's pain from my pelvic bone and well, my hooha.

So I did some reading and found that the wrong positioning will cause these issues. As it turns out my doctor told me to position the seat a little higher so that I don't have to bend my knee as much. Well the higher seat causes all my weight to go to the pelvic bone and not my legs. I went to class last night and positioned the seat lower and it made a world of difference. Still, I bought some padded cycling shorts and a gel seat cover from Amazon yesterday.

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Hey Kelly...it is all in the position LOL !! Now ...be aware that when you add the shorts which are padded and the get seat cover ..you will have to lower the seat...as the thickness will raise you :) Even an 1/8 inch makes a huge difference. If I were you I would use one or the other....not both together...try one and see how it does for a week...then you can switch but I wouldn't try both as again that is too much change at once. Good Luck and keep posting..you are an inspiration !! c

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