blondie859111January 20, 2011

Floortech, I left a lengthy response to your question on my post about Somerset Hardwood being made in China and never heard back from you.

Did you contact the company, or do the research?

Just wanted you to check in, because you did suggest that my post was a rumor style post and would love for you clear that up by following up on that thread. I've been posting for a while @ GW with no accusations like yours before and appreciate your follow up to clear the matter.

Thanks so much!

Here is a link that might be useful: Somerset Thread

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I have not had an opportunity to ask the rep as he we actually have two. Normally once a month they both come in so the average is every other week. I will instantly ask them, and yes I am confident that you are correct. After reading the posts i do believe it is made in China. Hey, nothing surprises me anymore. The whole world is falling apart it seems. But, I will ask them point blank regarding it, ask about their other collections in the display, and get to hear from them what great things for our country it does by making it in China or doing something to it in China. I may remove it from my stores as I have had some issues with it anyway. The store I am involved with carries over 25 hardwood manufacturers and it is Sommerset that we are having the most difficult time beating an internet company. We buy the wood from 2 different vendors..they do not sell direct, yet their are internet companies that sell it for about 20 cents a ft above our cost. Now the internet company admits on thier site that they will not have anything to do with the warranty of the product, but still most people today do not care about that. So tht coupled along with the Chinese situation and the fact that they never have gotten us light kits for our displays has me ready to use it for kindling wood. And I have paid about 1200 dollars per display. So , yep I have some concerns and they should paint this gorgeous southern styled milled picture, when accurately it is foreign people working for 25 cents an hour. I will let you know but it could be a little while until I get some facts. Thanks for the post.

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floortech, check this out re: internet sales- I found it interesting:

Here is a link that might be useful: Somerset on Internet Sales

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Yep, thats a great statement that Somerset puts out there...but I recently had a customer who needed 700 sq ft. We could get within 40 cents of a whole barrage of internet companies. Now he quickly pointed out that he did not have sales tax to pay with them either...which is actually illegal for him to do that....then we stated that our shipping is included and we warrant the product. Didnt matter at all to him and he felt compelled to save the tax amount only as the shipping washed out the price per ft savings. its really whats killing independents and service for the customer. It is really difficult in today's world to compete as a mid sized independent. But I will print that statement and have it handy for whatever good it may or may not do. I had a guy one time pick Lowes over my company over a hundred bucks on a 10 thousand dollar deal. An installed deal. I came down all I was going to drop in price as I just felt we are worth a lot more than that vs a big box store's service and knowledge. We have done about 5 lowes managers in the past three years or so and they get an additional 10% off from Lowes when they work there. So that tells you something but many people just dont care. its really a tough climate to do business in right now. Oh well...i;ll check on the China Somerset deal with the reps when I see them but it will not surprise me at all. Thanks for the great posts.

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I have never minded paying a little more for an independant. They generally care more about the customer and are "there" for follow questions and problems. Plus, in this economic climate, which I consider hostile towards small businesses, it's just plan smart to try to keep towns healthy and strong.

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Floortech- Like anything else, if people only pick the cheapest price, over quality, experience, service, etc....they usually regret it! :(

I'm ready to pay more for a product...just to speak to a service tech, who speaks English as a first language!

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