How to calculate first and last plank? Image of my room inside :)

moderncalmJanuary 30, 2011

Hi all,

I'm going to try to re-do my dining room floor using the IKEA Tundra laminates. I've never done this before, so I'm going into this completely blind. :) I heard that I might need to cut the first plank so that it is equal to the last plank, otherwise I might end up with a tiny sliver of plank for the last plank, which I don't want. Can I please get some help in calculating this?

My dining room has 3 medium windows on the left angled wall.

One other wall is the longest wall.

Opposite that, instead of a wall, is black railings a little more than halfway the length, until it hits the floor-to-ceiling post.


LENGTH: 138 cm

WIDTH: 19.3 cm

I've calculated it like this:

*87cm/19.3cm = 4.5

*19.3cm + 4.5 / 2 = 11.9 cm

So I think that the very first plank and the very last plank need to be 11.9 cm in width. So I guess I cut 7.4 cm off the tongue side of the first plank (since the cut-off tongue side is the one going into the wall)?

Is that at all correct (LOL)?

Also, did I get the plank direction correct? I heard you should put the planks in a way that follows the longest wall.

I'm also a little intimidated by the floor-to-ceiling post and the railings, and how they affect the laminates. So far I'm just planning on cutting the planks until they fit against the post.

Thanks for any help!


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Are those dimensions correct? The dining room is roughly 3' wide by 12' long?

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