Hampton HI300

coldinksFebruary 12, 2008

Hello, I am interested in the Hampton HI300 in Timberline brown due to the style and color of the insert. After reading posts on this site, I am afraid that it is just a pretty face. Can anyone recommend another quality insert that looks this good? My wife will not let me put in a black insert. I have looked all over the web for colored inserts. She doesn't like the : Avalons, Quadrafires, Jotul, Volcano Plus, Clydesdale, Regency, Lenox, and I ruled out the Winter Warm large insert due to customer service. I don't mean to offend anyone, I like the looks of a lot of these stoves but she insists on color and a particular style. Thanks

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You might check out the Excalibur. I like the styling a lot (it is traditional rather than modern), and I was set to buy one--but it was too big to fit into my fireplace.

It comes in an antique copper that is a reddish brown (there are also gold, black, and silver options). I've seen the antique copper in person. It is burnished--looks to me almost like an enamel or porcelin (but it isn't).

I think Excalibur shares the parent company with Hampton and Regency--so you can probably view it wherever you saw those.

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Thanks for the reply. I looked on Excalibur's site and all they had was a fireplace. Perhaps they stopped manufacturing the inserts?

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Are you at www.excalibur-fire.com? I'm seeing the gas inserts. There are several links to inserts, including one under "Gas Products." I didn't see the antique copper option in the web "design center," but it is definitely in the brochure I have.

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I looked at the site that you stated and seen the gas inserts. I'm looking for a wood burning insert.

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We just put a Hampton HI300 in our 1870 three story Victorian home. The unit is in the center foyer of the home. WeÂve burned it about ten time so far and the heat on the second and third floor has been very good. We havenÂt had very cold weather yet so IÂm still waiting to see what will happen when itÂs 10 degrees outside. Also we purchased two small corner fans for the doorways to help circulate the heat. Although they are on the noisy side they do work well (purchased at Home Depot) The ceiling in our home is 30Â on the top floor. Needless to say itÂs the warmest part of the house when the stove is going. My only complaint is that I canÂt get it to burn through the night. IÂve tried several air setting and fill the stove full of hard seasoned wood. The best I can get is a hot bed of coals in the AM and have to start the fire again. The only solution I can find is getting up around 2:30 and filling it up to keep it burning for full heating output. All in all I expect this unit to help a great deal in cutting down on our fuel usage. IÂll post again as we enter into the winter and let you all know how much we are saving. One extra bonus is IÂm splitting and stacking the wood. ItÂs a great workout for those of us that need it.

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