Dumbest things you have seen in the woods or on the water!

nova_gwDecember 8, 2006

OK everyone, those of us who spend time fishing or hunting have all seen something that has us laughing out loud or cringing in fear or just scratching our heads over how someone can be so dumb and still be walking! Here is your chance to share your stories. I will start us off -

In the laughing out loud category -

The guy who loaded his deer in the bed of his truck then left the tailgate down to it show off only to lose it when he hit the hard road and the deer bounced it out on the road. The DH and I scooped it up and followed him home to give it back to him! He didn't even relize he had lost it!

The cringing in fear category -

The guy who was trying to load his pontoon boat at the shallow ramp. The boat wouldn't load so he left the controls with the engine running full open and no one at the helm and got in between the boat and the truck and tried to rock the boat to load it on the trailer! EEEEK!

Too dumb to be walking category -

The "hunter" who decided to take a dump 100 yards from my stand. After he had dropped his drawers I politely whistled at him and waved. He quickly buckled up and slipped from my view. A few minutes later I heard the sound of a climber. Talk about your cover scents! Moved my stand that night!

So there's mine, let me hear yours! nova

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All mine except the last one come from bass tournaments (surprise, surprise!)

LOL-- Back about 3 years ago, we got to a boat ramp to launch for a middle of the summer tournament, and there were a couple of out of staters trying to launch their pleasure boat. This thing was beautiful-- about a 25 foot Maxim cuddycabin- the kind of boat that people get out on the lake with and scream around the lake all day for no reason other than to show off just how rich they are (and these were the kind of people, too). Anyway, they were having a hell of a time trying to back the boat down to the ramp. It took em probably about a dozen tries, and when they finally got the boat sitting at the top of the ramp and lined up to back down, they unhooked the bow cable. The flaw in their planning, as they quickly found out, was that they had a "roller" trailer, so as soon as they began backing down the ramp, the boat came flying off, and landed squarely on the ramp with a thud! I felt bad for the guy, but at the same time, I couldn't stop laughing. It looked like an episode of "The Three Stooges Go Fishing"!!

Cringing in fear--

The first year I was in the club I'm in now, we fished a major river up here in Maine called the Androscoggin. It's known to be a great smallmouth fishery, especially during the fall, and this was mid-october. Where we launched, there was a set of rapids about a mile or two upstream. One of the guys in our club knew of a place a few miles above the rapids where there were usually some huge smallmouth hanging out, so he took his $40,000.00 bass boat, and ON PLANE, SHOT THE RAPIDS!! It paid off for him-- he came into the weigh in with only four fish, but the SMALLEST smallmouth was 5 1/2 pounds (the biggest was just under 7 pounds-- the biggest smallmouth I've ever seen in my life). But what I couldn't understand was why he'd risk his boat like that!! This was only a club tournament-- first place was only 75.00!! I could see it in a pro am, or even some of the open tourneys where the prizes could get into 5 figures, but not for this!! Obviously he knew the rapids pretty well, but it still makes me cringe every time I tell the story.

Too dumb to walk--

I can't tell you how many people I've gone hunting with only one time, because as soon as we'd get on stand, the very first thing they'd do is LIGHT UP A CIGARETTE!! I mean, why not just hang a neon sign!! I won't go into the time I met up with a friend of mine and a couple of his friends whom I'd never met to go deer hunting, and one of the guys that came with him was carrying an AR-15 with a fully loaded 30 round banana clip. I didn't even take my rifle out of the slip. I just wished my buddy good luck and headed back home.

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One time my brother was loading his boat and the ramp was pretty beat up from the spring thaw. The trailer was in the water and he was winching the boat up. I said, "Hey, your spare trailer tire came off and is floating down the river." He replied in a frantic tone; " I don't have a spare!." Yikes.

Cringing in Fear-and to dumb to walk:
Watching a bannana boat at full speed slam right into the damn. They were lucky no one was killed.

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We had a big old motorhome and hubby hooked his 17' 1964 Boston Whaler to it. I guided him back from the side of the ramp and he got out of the motorhome to unhook the boat. Good thing he had that motorhome on an angle because the thing was in N instead of P. The motorhome hit a post just in the nick of time and stopped or the whole rig would have been in the bay.

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The motorhome hit a post just in the nick of time and stopped or the whole rig would have been in the bay.

Someone had an angel sittin on his shoulder!! Holy Christmas!!

Watching a bannana boat at full speed slam right into the damn. They were lucky no one was killed.

We just had an incident with one of those boats up here (this one was a Cigarette), only this time not everyone was so lucky.

Here is a link that might be useful: Last summer's boat accident

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Hunting in a Swamp maybe late 60's

I was deer hunting in a swamp near our cabin just north of Aitken, MN. Anyway I had just took a step forward with my left leg when sumpthing caught my eye. I leaned back on the right leg to look and the leg broke thru so's I went in right up to my crotch. Left leg straight out in front; right leg straight down in swamp water. There was several inches of snow and the surface was humped this way and that with whatever was under the snow; mostly soft stuff. Close to sundown. Try to get out of that.

First I thot it was rather funny. After about 15 minutes my opinion changed. Couldn't lean forward or back or sideways. Hells fire I couldn't even thrash around though I was rather sweaty for some odd reason. Musta used the rifle somehow but have no distinct memory of just how I did get out.

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I've got a new one-- There's a guy in my club who upgraded and bought a boat that was only about 3 years old. It's a 2004 20' Gambler with a 225 Mercury on it. Unfortunately, it's the first time he's driven a boat with a jackplate on it, and the very first time he put it in the water, he forgot to hit the powerswitch on the master panel, which powers up the jackplate, lowering the motor down into the water. he dropped it in the water, got out away from the dock on the trolling motor, fired up the big motor, and stomped the hotfoot. 30 seconds later, he TOASTED the powerhead on the motor. That wasn't the stupid part. EVeryone makes mistakes when they have new toys on a boat-- some more expensive than others!! The stupid part is that he was told what happened, HOW it happened, and what he had to do to keep it from happening again. $4500.00 later, he got the boat back again, just in time for the state fishoff at the end of the season. Absolutely hands down, the biggest amateur tournament of the year-- this is the one that's step one toward the 10 amateur spots into the BAssmaster Classic. So here he comes, drops the boat in the water, and parks it while waiting for all the signing in and so forth to be completed. The time comes when everyboady heads for the boats to get out on the water and ready for blastoff. We're all out there, and about the time they start calling numbers and boats start taking off I looked out over the field of boats, and saw him heading back to the launch-- sure enough-- he forgot to turn his master switch on again, and you guessed it-- toasted ANOTHER powerhead!! It wasn't bad enough that he screwed his boat and his chances in the fishoff, but he screwed his non-boater, too. Talk about a moron.

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me and a couple buddies where out scouting and putting up stands.we found a good spot to put up one stand.while me and mike was looking around we left other buddy to put his 8 foot ladder stand up.we got to where he put his stand up against a pine at least 6 foot around.he was standing on top of the little seat.and moving side to side on it.now the chain wasent long enough to go around it all the way so.check this out he bungy corded it to reach around the tree.we took it down made him hunt from the ground.

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Many decades ago in the NY State Adirondacks a bunch of us were deer hunting. No luck but one of the guys shot a snowshoe rabbit with his handgun. After stopping to refresh ourselves he had the bright idea of tagging and tying the rabbit to the fender of the International Travelall we were riding in, it met with instant approval. When a sign said deer inspection ahead we pulled into the line of cars with deer tied on them. When the warden looked at the tagged rabbit he about had a fit. He asked if we were from NYC. At that time there were no breathalyzers and we left after getting told rabbits did not have to be tagged or checked at an inspection station.

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Back in the mid 80's while living in Massachusetts I was a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and served as a crew member on courtesy safety patrols on the Connecticut River and local lakes.

one day while running a routing safety patrol about 2 miles south of the Holyoke Dam we came upon a 15ft Aluminum john boat with a 9.5HP outboard with one person on board.

It was early spring and the river current was running about 8 to 10 knots, which is fast but still not enough to be a hazard to navigation. The john boat was headed upstream and we could hear the engine on the john boat racing at full RPM, throwing a high plume of water off the transom, but the boat was still drifting downstream. The operator in the boat was cussing and waving his arms frantically so we moved alongside to see if we could be of assistance. Common sense dictated that a 9.5HP engine should easily handle tht boat with only one person on board, but for reasons unknown to us it obviously wasn't working.

First we had the operator put on his life jacket, then we passed a tow line and said we could tow him up to the landing about 1/2 mile north of the position.

When we got to the landing we headed in, then two of us went ashore and pulled the tow line by hand to bring him to the ramp. About 10ft from the ramp his boat came to a dead halt, and even with three more guys on shore pulling with us, we could not pull it in.

One guy had just launched his boat and he said tie that line on the back of my trailer and I will pull it in with my pickup.

We secured the line and he began pulling slow and careful and when the boat was about 5 ft from shore we found the problem, His trailer was still attached under the johnboat!

The guy knew absolutely nothing about boating. He had gone to Sears and bought the boat, then pulled it to the launch ramp, unhooked the ball hitch and launched the boat, trailer and all.

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