Gas starter pipe with ceramic logs

shilokFebruary 14, 2010

My house has masonry fireplace (was burning wood long time ago) that has gas starter pipe.

Shut off valve is on a side of fireplace and its all black pipe inside of fireplace.

Now, since I donÂt have any wood but I do have a set of ceramic logs from vented gas logs

I was wondering if I can put those on top of the wood burning grate (they fit very nicely)

And run fireplace like that. I understand that esthetic would not be the same as in whole set of gas logs

but I care more about safety then look.

And then in case when I want to burn wood, just to take ceramic logs off grate and load wood logs on.

Would that work and are there any safety concerns on this setup?

I run fireplace no more than few times a year.

Thanks for all comments and ideas.

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