Flooring suggestions for sunroom

pippi21January 12, 2012

Our existing sunroom has light beige carpeting which was installed by previous owner when he put the house up for sale.

Our rear outside entrance is from this room via single door.

We have a kitchen table and chairs set up in this room, plus tv and DH's recliner. This is where we eat all our meals and only use the formal dining room when we have company. This carpet is a light beige and hard to keep clean. I want to replace the carpet with some type of tile. There is electric baseboard heat in this room. I want something that is easier to keep clean and more practical than carpet. All of the homes in our community have these sunrooms..at rear of house. This is like a patio home..concrete flooring. I have a collection of bird houses on a shelf over two large windows that I'd like to keep. There are already ceiling hooks for hanging baskets of plants, etc. I want that to look more like a garden room that is inviting yet practical for our life style. I want to get rid of the kitchen table and chairs or if I can't get DH to agree to that, buy a smaller table, so he can spead the newspaper out to read on it while having his morning coffee. He's afraid if we have tile installed, it will be cold, but we can add an area room to make it warmer and attractive. I do not have any place to sit except in the kitchen chairs. I have two wing back chairs in the living room. I need a comfortable chair that I can sit in to watch tv as well as read a book or magazine. My preference would be a chair and ottoman. Ceramic, terracotta, porcelain tile? I have no idea what is under this carpeting. DH just turned over a root beer accidently while eating lunch in his recliner so we have just spent 2 days shampooing the carpet and trying to remove that stain. Hopefully this will convince him to see things my way. Where he sits in his recliner is so soiled and it didn't come up all that great. We need to get the profesional carpet cleaning man back in here.

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We put radiant heat under our porcelain tiled sunroom floor. Mmmmmm...

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We have the same kind of sunroom, concrete covered w/ industrial carpet. This is the only place in the house I'd put in tile (had it in the kitchen & replaced it). I like cork, too, but my DH doesn't, & because this room is at ground level & has potential for water damage (& we have 2 dogs), I wouldn't use the hardwood that is in the rest of the house...

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