painting brass fireplace doors..

roorezziFebruary 20, 2006

DH and I just bought our first house. We have a fireplace but would like to do something to the doors. THey are brass and it doesn;t fit with our decor. Right now a new screen or doors is out of the question.

Heres a pic of the FP.

Can you paint over the brass or do something to give it a more antiqued look?

If so, can it be done in the house?

A FP is a new experience for us. ANy help would be greatly appreciated.



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You have a couple options. The brass could be either plated or solid. I would suspect it's plated but you could test it by sanding an edge where it won't be so noticeable first with 400 grit paper to be sure. Some finishes are also clear coated to protect against oxidation but that can be removed with thinner. If you want to paint it you'll first need to remove any clearcoat protection and then sand off the brass plating which will not be a fun job. Then a heavy defect covering primer, to hide those sanding marks, and high temp paint that works together with the primer could be applied. Another option is chemically altering the brass itself with a hobby/craft product like Blacken-it or similar home brew remedies that will change the color but will not rub off like paint can. Do a search for "metal finishing"+brass using say Google and you'll get some product direction. Hope this helps.

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I just came across this posting. Did you ever paint the brass doors on the fireplace? I have the same problem with mine and don't know what to do with them.


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Hi, I came across this old thread and was wondering if anyone had used this blackin-it product on brass fireplace doors. I have the same doors as roorezzi and would like to change the shiny brass look .Anyone out their that has done it? Could you please post pictures.

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A lot of people paint their doors with grill paint or automitve engine paint. anything to withstand high heat. Try the home decorating forum for MUCH more traffic.

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Our frame and handles are brass, glass doors are black. We would like to paint just the frame as opposed to purchasing a whole glass doors, screens, etc.

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I painted it with high heat black paint. I bought the smallest size available, not sure if it was a pint or a quart but it came out great and I have about 99% of the paint left.

It is an easy project and makes a world of difference. I lightly sanded the trim and then painted.

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