Woodstove vs Fireplace and recommendations

yeshwant91February 8, 2008

Hello all! This is my first time posting on this forum.

Thanks for your help in advance!!

We have a 1600 sq ft. 3 story brick attached house. The first floor is the kitchen and dining area. It is half below street level. The second floor is the living room and the third floor is bedrooms. Each floor is about 500 sq ft. No real basement/ cellar.

We just had the living room fireplace restored to a Rumford style FP and it is wonderful and surprisingly heats great too.

I want to either similarly restore the fireplace in the kitchen/dining area or get a wood stove for more efficient heat. There is already a masonry internal chimney with a 8" stainless steel lined flue.


Would a wood stove be able to heat the entire three floors if it is located on the lowest floor? The only connection between the fisrt floor and the other two floors is the stairwell.

If not, then what size and model of stove should I get to provide additional heat to the kitchen dining area (about 560 sq ft with the extension)? Should I trust the BTU figures on manufacturer websites?

I was thinking of the Tribute. Would it be able to heat this floor and the entire house at least some?

Also, what kind of clearance from the stovepipe, etc. would be required from gas lines that run near the ceiling in front of the masonry chimney?

Thanks very much again!

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THis is my suggestion. You need some expert advice. So go to where the experts live. www.hearth.com
This is a site where all aspects of wood heat are discussed. There are dealers of all types of appliances over there and yes, they are EXPERTS.
You will get straight answers, I guarantee it.

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