fireplace xtraordinaire inside of glass dirty - how to clean?

lnaramoreFebruary 13, 2008

Hi there. We have a FPX 36 CF Clean Glass fireplace (propane) that was just installed last summer.

Now that we have used it quite a bit this winter, the inside of the glass is covered in what I would describe as water spots, like what your diswasher does to glasses without rinse aid.

How can I remove the glass to clean the inside? Is this indicative of a problem with the fireplace? No mention in the documents I have of what to do.



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try white vinegar and water - which I just used to clean my wood burning xtraordinare 44. I learned about that reading posts on this forum.

For the wood burner, I dip a cloth soaked with the vinegar and water into the ashes to make a paste, I spray the glass, and the rub the cloth on the glass and it cleans off the black stains nicely. For the gas burner - you probably don't need the ash step.

There should be screws around the frame holding the glass to allow the glass to be removed and cleaned.

I found it weird that there were no instructions in any of the FPX documents (I have one FPX gas unit and one wood burner) that discussed glass cleaning - which I think is a pretty important step.

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