It's Frustrating

muskyhopefulDecember 28, 2006

Temps have been in the 40's here in SE Wisconsin and we have little, if any, ice on our musky lakes in the area. I had an appointment today at a house located on one of these lakes today, and that water sure looked enticing.

I wish they didn't close the season before ice up. It's all catch and release for most musky fishermen. Frustrating. I would like to go fishing.


Muskies are neato.

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I had no idea there were season dates for them in some places. Just thought it was size restriction. As you can tell, I am not one that has ever had the opportunity to learn to fish for them. I did get to taste one once, & to my surprise, it tasted just like bass to me. Thought from that moment on, will never eat another. Bass are much more abundant & easier to clean. Still would like to learn the end's and out's of fishing for them someday though. They are purdy neat looking fish! : )

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I received an offer to head down to Indiana for a day of winter musky fishing on Jan. 6. I hope the wife says okay and the lakes don't freeze up down there in the next week.

Indiana doesn't have a closed season.


Winter muskies sure would be nice.

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Man, ANY kind of open water fishing at this time of year would be GREAT!! I'd settle for panfishing with earthworms!!

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Time left till opening day:

91 days
22 hours
42 minutes


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High 40s and sunny here on New Year's Day here in WI. Now I find out I can't go to Indiana on 1/6 becuase of a family birthday party and they're catching muskies down there like crazy.

Still frustrated.


I need muskies.

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Hey Kevin-- I'd imagine you should be able to get out on the ice by now!!

(maybe that's why you haven't posted recently? LOL)

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hey Bill--I guess I could get out on the ice, but have never done any ice fishing. Last season was my first as a serious fisherman after 30+ years playing golf. We really just iced up nicely here 2+ weeks ago. Some of my musky fishing friends have been doing really well. I could have hit the ice with them last Saturday but my wife had the audacity to have her birthday. LOL.

They have a couple of pike fish fries to look forward to.

I hope your catching a few through the ice.


I like Muskies.

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Not me. Around these parts, ice fishing is just an excuse to fill up on "antifreeze", and I don't drink. :-) So, honestly, I've never been ice fishing in my life, even though I've been "regular" fishing since I was 4. :-)

That pike on the right looks like it's a good size!!

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Ha. Sounds like the ice fishing by you is pretty similar to ours.

I've probably had a little too much anit-freeze over the course of my life. I'm managed to keep it out of my musky fishing pretty well. I leave that for the younger folks.

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