janatNovember 11, 2006

Every Spring before fishing season starts here in New Hampshire, competitions are held to see who can real in the biggest bass. Don't you feel that it's hurting the population since the males are sitting on the eggs during this time ??? Would love to hear your thoughts.

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Depends on size of lake and population of bass in the lake. These things are usually monitored very well.
Bass are very prolific and resilient. They are usually the most predatorial fish, do to amount of them, V's other large game fish in a lake, that if their numbers are not controlled, they would soon deplete themselves of enough prey fish in which to feed upon, therefore stunning their growth. It usually does not hurt the outcome(pending, as said before, size of water and amount of bass in that water). Main thing that spring tournaments do, IMHO, is put some major fishing pressures on the lakes in the early season. Don't get me wrong, as I have nothing against tournament fishing, but some places around here, they hold way to many to close together. Not just for bass but also crappie, catfish etc. Seems like every weekend there is one or two going on anymore & this puts way to much pressure on the lakes around here. Can make it hard at times on us regular "fisherpersons" just out for a good batch for dinner or freezer at times.
Another thought.... bass are so territorial, that I believe they will return to their spawn, shortly after they are released after a tourney. I doubt it takes them long to regain their whereabouts and return.
There too, as far as being monitored, you also have repopulations that do occur from the fisheries departments. That's what they are there for, it's their job.
In answer to your question, do to the size of their spawn I personally don't believe it hurts, no.
This is all just my opinion though. I am sure others have one too. : )

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Don't you feel that it's hurting the population since the males are sitting on the eggs during this time ???

I'm right next door in Maine, and I fish the tournaments around the state. The spawn doesn't start in earnest until about the second week of may. If it's warm, you MIGHT find some fish on beds before that, but not many, and they stay on the beds until about the second week of june. Now, I don't know about New Hampshire, but here in Maine, bass season is closed during that time, because it IS so easy to pluck them off spawning beds

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Hey janat-- if you're still here-- just out of curiosity, is this state wide, or just Winnipesokee? (or however it's spelled!! :-) )

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I guess janat was a "hit and run".

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