Very loud BANG when you shut off gas fireplace

nsf798February 2, 2007

The longer we run the fireplace, the louder the BANG is. It's really loud. Loud enough that we jump everytime even though we are expecting it. It will make the bang 2-3 times & it's loudest a few minutes after shutting it off. We called the seller/installer & he is coming by to look at it tonight. But I'm worried because he told dh "they do that". Anyone know what's causing this & what to do to fix it? I want to make sure I know what to say & do when he's here.

Also, I'll ask for a little more advice if anyone wants to chime in. We've been trying for months to get stone installed on this fireplace. The same place we purchased the fireplace from has been promising me a bid since Sept/October. I went in in Oct. & told her I wanted it done by Thanksgiving. She promised me it would be. I waited & waited just for a bid. It never came & I decided to start calling everyday. I did that for about a week with no luck. I went & talked to her again, she promised me again it would be done by Thanksgiving. That was about 3 weeks before t-giving. I continued to call them & bug them & nothing ever happened. So after the holiday came & went I gave up. Now that they are coming over today because of this problem, dh asked again about the stone. I'm really mad about this still & really don't think they deserve to do & get my money. But we've tried various other places without any luck too. And I know this guy does excellent installs. I don't know what to do. I feel like the bid should reflect all this time we've waited, what do you think? IF they ever get it to me, what can I say? I appreciate it if you made it this far, and will apprieciate your advice. thank you.

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I would suppose that what you are hearing is the metal contracting in size as the fireplace cools. I've never heard that described as a bang, though.

There is a phenomena called extinction pop that can happen when a gas burner shuts off, but that wont happen more than once.

You should probably have the fireplace checked out by a repairman to be sure there isn't some hazardous problem.

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