Opening day-Firearms Deer tomorrow?

Chemocurl zn5b/6a IndianaNovember 17, 2006

Anyone else all excited about tomorrow being opening day in your state? I plan to be at my 'honey hole' (friends call a small circular grove of sassafras trees where the woods comes out to a 'point) b4 daylight tomorrow. The deer come and go from numerous directions, and I have watched a small herd of 10 or so most evenings all summer.

I'm in Indiana, and hoping to get a doe tomorrow eve, as I have the last two seasons on opening day.

Hopefully I'll be able to post tomorrow, that 'I got one'.


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Not up here-- a week from tomorrow is the LAST day of rifle season for Maine.

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Ahhh- Opening day! Always a time of hope and dreams! Good Luck and may a "Wall Hanger" be there for you! If not, a nice doe that will be perfect for the kitchen!
Here in Central Florida, our general gun started over a week ago but the DH and I have been in the woods since September [the start of our archery season]. With 2 deer in the freezer [1 for me with a bow, 1 for the DH in Black Powder]we are mostly "sight-seeing" now but I love the feeling of opening day when anything is possible!
Have a GREAT time and let us know how it goes! nova

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana a thing after seeing them almost daily for a year now.

I passed on going this AM as it was just too cold and I really didn't have it all together.

Late this afternoon I walked across the field to 'my spot' and was sweating by the time I got there. It was somewhere in the 50's I think. Immediately the wind picked up, and I piled on an extra jacket, and put my hood up under my orange toboggan, shivering.

I enjoyed the sounds of the leaves rustling in the wind, and heard an an occasional one as it dropped to the ground. Heard a hawk screeching....heard a pileated woodpecker....lots of dogs barking in the distance (how annoying), squirrels barking, birds flying overhead, and watched the squirrels playing.

All in all, it was a pretty good hunt, once I got warmed up a bit.

Maybe tomorrow or sometime after that.

When you are retired, every day is a vacation day.

I admire those who can take deer with a bow, or black powder, as I think a lot more skill is needed. Congrats to both of you!


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Sue-- I wouldn't fret any. I get a kick out of those who fill their tag on the first deer they see in the first ten minutes of opening day. The season's over as quick as it began!! I'm trying to get the same thing thru my son's head-- it's not all about filling your tag!!

As someone once said, it's not just about the destination-- it's also about the journey to GET there!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Oh, I'm not fretting, as I have 15 days yet, but I have heard that with each passing day, the chances of getting one are slimmer.

I do so enjoy time spent hunting....The journey as you say.

I went with the intension of getting a doe only, as I already have a 12 point of my own mounted, and wouldn't be even tempted to shoot any buck any less than that.

Even after I get one (either sex), I can still take up to 8 does (no permit needed as I'm the landowner), in this county. They are really thick this year, as I don't remember ever being able to take that many does b4.

I hope you can get your son to enjoy the journey. He will be more likely to be a lifelong hunter, if he can.

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I couldn't agree with you two any more! I love the time I spend in the woods whether it is hunting, scouting, or just wandering around. From the animals and birds to the plants and trees, there is always something beautiful waiting to be seen. That is why, even tho we have meat in the freezer, we continue to sit stands. Not really looking to harvest another deer, unless that "deer of a lifetime" should wander by of course, but just to be there.

Sue - Of all the hunting I do, I think I enjoy bow hunting the best. There is something so Zen about it. Granted, I do have to practice year-round and so many things have to come together perfectly to ensure an ethical shot but when it does it is one of the biggest thrills of hunting. Also, alot of people don't bother with bow hunting so the woods are alot quieter then. Another perk of bow season is that, here in Florida, it is 5 weeks long and you can harvest does or bucks. No does can be taken after that in most areas.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Though I don't bow hunt, I do know it has to be a lot quieter in the woods, due to a lot fewer hunters.

Yesterday AM, a friend confronted 2confused (about property lines) hunters, who 'thought' they were on 'State (park) property, when they actually were on his private property.

Also, this AM, I looked out the window, and saw hunter orange in my woods. I hollered at them, and they hollered back, and neither of us could understand much, but I asked them to wait there a bit. Come to find out, it was the same 2 hunters, friends of my neighbor's who I had met just yesterday. Apologies were made by both of us, and we ended up having a nice friendly visit.

They are probably ready to head to the other side of the county after 2 confrontations with property owners in 2

B4 I retired, I used deer season as an excuse, to myself, to take time to myself and just go sit in the woods and 'do nothing', when there was so much that needed done here at home. It is like a very mini vacation, leaving all of life's problems back at the house, and just enjoying the serenity found only in nature.


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It is like a very mini vacation, leaving all of life's problems back at the house

Remington, take me away!! LMAO

Of all the hunting I do, I think I enjoy bow hunting the best. There is something so Zen about it.

I agree. In order to be successful, you need to "be the arrow"!



Seriously, I have a great deal of respect for bow hunters. Not only do you have to get alot closer to the game, but you also have to be alot more accurate with your shot placement, being that you don't get the same kncokdown shock that you get from a rifle cartridge, both of which are tough tasks, especially once the adrenaline gets pumping!!

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Sue - Your comment about the "mini-vacation" is soooooo true!
I feel it whenever I step into the woods. No phones to ring, it doesn't matter if laundry needs to be done or the lawn needs to be mowed, for however long I am there the outside world stops to be of concern until I came back out!

Bill- Love the "be the arrow" comment! I never thought of it that way! The archer who taught me in the beginning used to always stress "follow thru with your eyes always on the arrow until it hits it's target"

nova, being one with the arrow

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I caught a hunting show recently, and they were bow hunting with some arrows that seemed to have little lights on the end.

When they showed it in slow motion, it was very interesting to see the arrow as it flew toward the game (deer).

I went out a bit Mon eve and saw nothing...sure must be stirred up, but once again enjoyed the time away. It was fairly warm, and I was dressed just right.

24 degrees this AM...will go in the PM today. To heck with anything and everything I should do here instead. It will probably all still be here after I get my deer, or the season

Sue...starting to get a little anxious about not getting one 'yet'

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Could be worse. The girl who works the showroom floor where I get most of my work-- her husband went out saturday. He was on stand for about 5 hours and never saw a thing. Coming back out of the woods with his rifle slung, he "jumped" three different bucks, three different times, and all three times, by the time he got his rifle off his shoulder, the buck was nothing but a DISTANT memory!!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Hmmmm, I didn't think at this time of year, that bucks would be running together. I thought they only did that way b4 and way after the mating season. Right?

I hunt from the ground, and don't think I could stand 5 hours on a stand. I do have a bucket though, that is left there year round.

I went out again for the last 1 1/2 hours of the eve. Discovered b4 I left that a shell had not ejected when I emptied it last, and it was lodged in the underneath part where you load them. I quick trip across the road and the neighbor had me good to go.

I saw one doe. It came out of the woods and was heading cautiously across the field. Some vines were blocking my view, and after going so far, she turned and went back where she came from.

Maybe tomorrow AM I will face the cold and go again, otherwise it will have to wait until Friday...sigh.

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The way it was explained to me, he saw these three bucks at different points on his way out. I guess he was about a 1/2 mile into the woods. Up here, it's the same. The only time you'll see bucks together at this time of year is if their antlers are locked together from fightin!!

Damn females'll screw us males up every time!! LOL

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How'd everyone make out? Any pics?

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

No deer thus no pics. Life's little family emergencies got in the way a lot the past 2 weeks, and I only got out for a short time on 3 warm evenings. I saw one doe, but it was late, and I did not have a chance for a 'good' shot.
Firearm's season went out yesterday evening, and there is no hunting until next Sat when muzzleloader and late archery comes in, which I don't do.

Hopefully me and my 3 fur babies will get to enjoy a walk in the woods this week sometime. They get so excited when asked if they want to "go for a walk?"

A friend has promised me some meat in exchange for crossing my property to get to his stand. Hopefully he will be successful yet, and I'll have at least a little venison to enjoy from this season.


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That's okay-- there's always next year! My son didn't get one, either, and I can't remember the last time I had TIME to go hunting!! SO, you're actually one up on me!!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

About 5 years ago, I bought a Knight in-line muzzleloader, hoping to extend the season past firearms. Muzzleloader will be in Dec 9th until Dec 24th, but I have never gotten comfortable loading, shooting, and then tearing it all down for cleaning.

I have a friend who has volunteered too work with me, but at this point it seems doubtful that we will do it anytime soon.

Like you said, "There's always next year" and I can at least hope for a friend to bring me some of his bounty.


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Sorry to hear of you "dry spell" Sue! The longest one I went thru lasted two seasons! I wish I lived closer so I could bring you something! But as you and Bill said - "There is always next year!"
Hunting is based on skill, optimisism, hope and a large amount of luck. Kinda like what makes a good life! Enjoy your walk with your "fur-babies" and just being in the woods! nova

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