Wood burning fireplace gas starter insert missing

toddbudnikasFebruary 4, 2013

I just noticed that there is a hole in the side of the panel on our wood burning fireplace. See pictures attached. I'm surprised to find this open hole and not sure if I should be concerned about it.

It seems like the panel has a machined hole for a gas starter but there isn't one, and no gas line anywhere in the house that I'm aware of. I expected it to either have a starter pipe or be completely covered I guess. If I stick my finger in the opening I can feel some sort of insulation back there, maybe 3 inches back. Leading up to that there is a square metal "pip" about the same diameter as the hole in the panel.

I'm not very familiar with fireplaces, although I do have a strong paranoia about fire safety. So, is this of big concern? Worth mentioning that I called the chimney sweep who came out in the past 3 months and they said nothing to worry about but I wouldn't mind some eyes on a picture of it to confirm. Thanks!

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You can go to a fireplace shop and get some ceramic fiber insulation they use to line chimneys. A brand name is Kaowool. It is very heat resistant and you just stuff some of it into the opening. Problem solved.

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Thanks so much for the response christopherh! Sounds like a reasonable way to handle it.

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