Pennsylvania Black bears

fancifowlNovember 12, 2006

I thought this may be of interest. During the 2005 season 4164 blaCK bear were harvested, with an average for the previos 5 years being 3177 per year. The total population is estimated to be 14,000 bears.

Last year a bear was taken in Fayette county which weighed 733 pounds and scored 13-3 B&C points, it may be world record.Some bears go over 8oo pounds. In 2005 17 bears went over 600 lbs. In an average years there are 60 weighing over 500 lbs. harvested. Last year there were 142,000 bear lecenses sold in Pa.

10 years ago the total black bear harvest was only 295, in 2005 there were 313 taken in 1 county alone.

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It IS interesting. Bear hunting seems to be the new "trend". I remember as a kid, I had an uncle who used to bear hunt-- even had the scars to prove it, from where he got mauled as a result of a badly placed shot, and a bear who was too close when shot. I always thought of him as being wierd, because he was the only person I'd ever heard of who was into hunting bears. Now, up here in Maine, just about everyone I know-- when they pull their deer tag, they also pull a bear tag. It's just the "thing to do", as my son put it!

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1st year I hunted bear was 1968, 2 months after I got back from Nam, even seeing bear scat was a big deal, I hunted them for a couple years until I decided it was not right for me. What the heck, I didnt want to kill a bear! Imagine dragging one of them out!!Used to crawl right into the dens and rocks where they hung out, wouldnt dream of it now!.
Bear camp is more than getting a bear anyways, just like deer camp. Its about settin up the wall tent, cookin in the dutch oven, telling stories, bourbon, and strong coffee.

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Ahhh, yes-- cameraderie.... and bourbon...

and THEN strong coffee!! LMAO

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