Will carpet impede heat?

peegeeFebruary 26, 2011

OK - sorry if this isn't the right forum, and sorry for the length, but I don't know where else to ask, and want to provide the info I think might be needed.. I thank anyone in advance for help. I am using my living room located over my basement Breckwell Big E pellet stove as a dining room, with no carpet; just hardwood floors. The floor is warm. Below in the basement the stove is located in my studio with no ceiling - just painted joists and boards - so obviously no insulation between floors. The room is located to the left of the bottom cellar stairs which run down from the center of my small cape. The heat rises up from the stairwell and heats the house. I am currently using the first floor small room above the area to the right of cellar stairs (technically a bedroom) as my "den" but it is really small and never seems quite as warm; the floor is always cool. If I switch rooms, I would like to use a very old wool American Oriental rug in the living room above the stove, but I am concerned if the heat will still warm the floors, as the rug will only leave about a 6 - 12" border of hardwood around the perimeter. I would want to use the padding for this carpet that I also have storage which is still in great shape despite being about 50 years old. The rug is much older (the wool is very dense, but very low pile and close to threadbare in places. The pad is about 1/4" of a dense foam rubber-like composition. I expect if I were to use a rug much smaller than the room I would have more heat conducted through the floor? - but I have a sentimental attachment to this carpet and would like to consider using it again, but maybe not at the expense of possibly making the room less toasty. ( I know the main heat for the room comes from up the stairs) Any thoughts?? Thank you!!!

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The carpet will definitely reduce the heat that comes from the floor. It's hard to give you an exact response without seeing the actual carpet. From my experience, the heat will be reduced quite a bit, but not drastically. This again depends on the carpet.

So to answer your question, yes, the carpet is an impediment for the heat if your heat comes through the floor.

Here is a link that might be useful: fireplace accessories

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Thanks Tom...I guess I was hoping that the heat from the floor below would eventually warm the carpet...and also then some of the room. But it seems like it will act like insulation and just make the room below even hotter, and my living room cooler :(

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