Difference between SmartStrand Silk lines

RacinReaverJanuary 13, 2013


I'm in the market for some new carpet, and have found that I really like the Smartstrand Silk fiber. I'm a little frustrated at the moment, though, since I've gotten quotes from the local places selling the carpet, and while they feel very similar, they have a different style name. Vendors aren't being very forthcoming with info like twist/weight/etc, so all I really have to go on is what's on the back of the samples.

My two favorite styles are:
1V15 Gentle Essence
1V77 Mellow Haven

I can find info about Gentle Essence on the Mohawk site, but Mellow Haven seems to be almost non-existent. The only thing holding me back from going with gentle essence is I was quoted a considerably higher price for what feels like, to me, the same thing.

Also, does anyone have suggestions on which padding to go with these? It'll be installed on a concrete slab foundation. Everywhere has been giving me quotes with various #8 pads, but they're all different brands. Everyone also seems to be discouraging us from getting the pad sold by Mohawk.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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What is wrong with the Mohawk pad?

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I would like to know what you have heard about Mohawk pad also. I paid a bit more to put in the pink Mohawk SmartPad with my Silk carpet last year because I was told it had a moisture barrier and that a good pad would extend the life of the carpet. So far it had been great, but now you have me worried.

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If Gentle Essence & Mellow Haven are both in the Smartstrand Silk line, then they will be comparable products. They will both have amazing wear performance, stain and soil protection, and durability. I would go with your personal style preference RacinRaver.

SmartCushion has a moisture barrier film which prevents spills from getting into the pad for easier clean up. If there is no moisture present, SmartCushion will protect against spills & stains that get into the padding. For installations on a slab where moisture might be present, you should prob use a synthetic fiber cushion which will allow it to evaporate.

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