Going to an H-Mart....suggestions?

dgkritchFebruary 28, 2010

Anyone have suggestions for me?

I'll probably be at an H-Mart on Monday afternoon and have no idea what to expect or buy!

I'm also not very familiar (as in not at all...)with Korean food. I would love to pick up some things, but what?

They would need to be things that can stay unrefrigerated for a few hours and transport on a 2 hour drive the next day, so fresh fish, etc. is out. :-(

I'll check in again tonight or tomorrow morning.....

I'm off to spend a couple of days with my mom and daughter shopping and eating!

On our agenda: Bob's Red Mill store and mill tour, Dave's Killer Bread, Penzey's, Aurora Colony antiques, dinner at some sushi place my daughter likes (I've never eaten sushi....). Fun. Fun. Fun!


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Hey Deanna

I went to H-Mart for the first time a couple of weeks ago and was astounded at the variety. As I walked through the store picking things up and comtemplating what I would purchase, it occurred to me that a LOT of the products are form China. I know this is a very personal decision, but I have decided that I am going to avoid feeding my family products made in China since they have not had a great track record with product safety.

When all was said and done and I had spent 45 min wandering around, I bought black sesame seeds from California, some super cheap red bell peppers ($0.59/lb) from Chile and some gyoza wrappers from Japan. I did entertain bringing home a Durian fruit, but decided to wait until warmer weather since I do not want to have to open it in the house! LOLOLOL!


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I've purchased sesame oil, gyoza (frozen), and forbidden (black) rice from them. I was also amazed at how much they have to offer.

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Tea! Also, our H-mart has a good food court and bakery.

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It was definitely a FOODIE trip!

I arrived at 11am in Oregon City, my mom and daughter picked me up.
We ate lunch around 2pm in Aurora at a wonderful BBQ place.
Shopped the antiques, visited the museum.
Quick stop to pick up a dinner contribution.
Dinner with my aunt & uncle of homemade sausage/veggie soup, bread and wine. Dessert was baklava and brownies with german chocolate frosting.

The next morning we went to Bob's Red Mill for breakfast of Veggie Omelet, Fruit bowl, cottage potatoes, buttermilk biscuits, rye toast. We shared it all family style.

Drove down the road 1/2 mile for the Bob's factory tour. It was supposed to be about an hour, we were the only ones there and the tour guide spent 2 hours with us! Very cool!!

Back to Bob's store for some shopping, the across the street to Dave's Killer Bread outlet store (and factory).

Here we are leaving Dave's, with Bob's in the background (pure dumb luck)!!

From there we drove to Penzey's and helped stimulate the economy a bit.
Lunch at Sweet Tomatoes, a salad buffet with some pasta and soup! Ugh. Stuffed.

We dropped my daughter off for a short time so she could walk her dog.
Mom & I hit a grocery outlet store.

Picked DD up again and went to H-Mart! I bought a few things, but not a lot. Fascinating place, but it was getting late and Son-in-law is now "on call" for dinner! LOL
We met him at a Sushi Station and they treated mom and I to sushi (a first for me as well as the sake!).
We all walked across the street to Whole Foods afterward and wandered around there for a bit. Mom bought some cold smoked salmon.

Goodbye's to DD and SIL.

The next morning, mom & I had a light (relatively speaking) breakfast and headed to my house in the car.
We dropped off a bunch of stuff there and buzzed over the the casino that is just 45 minutes from my house.

Back home by 5:30 for Cioppino, salad, homemade bread and wine with my hubby!

Whew! What a whirlwind of fun!

Here's the sum total of what I bought (not showing the daikon radish and bean sprouts in the fridge).

(Mom bought for me) 2 cookbooks from Bob's, dried mushrooms, white popcorn (barely visible in front of the mushrooms) flaxseed meal, mung beans, fried garlic, yellow curry paste, rye berries, artichoke hearts, garlic wine vinegar, "love bombs" (hoagies from Dave's), 2 other Dave's breads, and 3 lids for sprouting seeds and my freebie "flax scoop" from the Bob's tour.

Too much fun!


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wow, Deanna, that looks like a great trip and what a good haul of stuff.

I was in chicago playing with Peppi and Co., so I missed your post. Last time I was in Chicago Peppi took us to an H Mart, it was fun but I bought Pocky for The Princess and Dishesdone and not much of anything else. We went to a great fish market this time, but I didn't buy anything because I wasn't going to try to haul fish in a cooler for a 2 hour train ride, plus waiting time, and another 2 hour drive home from there.

That's the problem with driving a couple of hours to somewhere, you just can't buy as much. Or maybe it's not really a problem, LOL.

It looks like you had a great time, though. I suppose people tell you that you look just like your Mom?


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Deanna, What family fun--oh and foodie shopping too, nice haul. My friends can't understand these long distance food shopping outings. I guess that's why I hang with you guys and gals.


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I'm going to Oregon City in a few weeks, so I'll be sure to stop at Bob's Red Mill. I don't need the H-Mart there, 'cause there's one 5 minutes from my house. I buy a lot of the condiments there, like Hoisin, oyster, and chili, and soy sauce. All of them can be hauled around for two hours. If you bring a cooler with you, you could buy produce at incredibly low prices. It's worth the trip.

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elisamcs: Are you flying in? Driving? Or live sort of local? IF you happened to be driving in from the south...............I'm near Eugene and would love to meet.
Bri29 is here too and always up for an adventure!
Let us know!

If you go to Bob's then Dave's Killer Bread (tiny little outlet store) is literally across the street. We left the car parked at Bob's!
There's a Penzey's just a couple of miles away too.

Yes, Annie, the grayer I get, the more mom & I look alike!
I wonder if it will hold true for my daughter. Our 8-hour photos are nearly identical.


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dgkritch: I'm flying in with DH to visit our daughter and one and only grandbaby! I live in Maryland. I don't know what DD has in mind, so I can't make any plans right now, but thank you for the invite. It's amazing to think that this forum can bring together people from all over. We should book a cruise!

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Got'cha. Let me know if you've got any plans to head this way (south)! LOL
Sounds like you're going to be busy with that grandbaby!

I am jealous. That "child" of mine in the photo is my closest hope to become a grandma right now and she's not in a hurry! That's OK, all in her own time......but I'm waiting.......

Oh, boy, a cruise would be a blast!!! Especially if they'd let us take over the kitchen for a day or two!


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