Best Pike lure in a clear lake??

netshoundOctober 29, 2006

Anyone got a suggestion for a really good Pike lure in a clear lake? Bottom is just about everything. Rocky ledges, grassy areas, downed logs, shallows, deep spots...It's a Canadian lake so it pretty much runs all ends of the spectrum when we're talking about the bottom. Any there any certain colors that are better than others? I've tried all kinds of spoons but have never got even a rise on one. I've also tried Rapallas(Sorry if its mis-pelled!). They have been the most productive but I'm looking for maybe something else to try.

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Well, i've always had really good luck with a gold textured Williams Wabbler. I've consistently caught Pike with 'em, and that's what I caught my 42", 22" girth big boy with in May 04.

Nothing like a good pike hunt in Canada, eh? :)

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Also, try using an oversized spinnerbait. 3/4 or 1 oz. spinnerbaits with big willowleaf blades on it are killer!

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I've been fishing Sandybeach Lake in NW Ontario for 13 years, and my best lure in August or early September has been the #5 Mepps with a blue blade and a purple tail. When I fished shortly after ice out, I've had good luck with the #18 Rapala (about 7" long) in blue. When I fished in July over the cabbage weed beds, I had good luck with a 3/4 oz Johnson Silver Minnow gold in color, and if nothing seemed to work, I'd use jigs and plastic as a last resort. I hope these suggestions help!

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I use suspending storm minnows which in MN you can get only online. I have caught 40in Muskies and bass over 20in which is good in MN. I don't know if the color makes a difference with these minnows because when the sun shines on them there bellys look like there is blood in them. They have rattles and paddle tails. You can get them up to 7in and in Europe they have about 15-20 different colors compared to about 6-7 in US and I know in Europe they use them a lot for Pike.

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