Gas Backup in House from Gas Fireplace

newman1154February 11, 2008

When I light my gas fireplace I get a strong gas odor in a matter of minutes in the upstairs stairway. The flames seem to shoot outward instead of upward to the chimney. I have checked to make sure flue is open and no blockage in chimney. It has happened last two times and it is very scary of the strong odor in such a small amount of time. Anybody have any ideas why this is happening or suggestions?

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hi Newman,

I'm wondering if you may be getting some negative draft depending on the direction of the wind, the amount of roof pitch and how high the stack is. It can happen when starting a new fire that flu gasses can back up into a room until enough heat is built up to create a draft.

There are chimney caps that are designed to help eliminate most, if not all, of that problem. Go to your home center and ask about it. I'm sure you will get some good information to solve your problem.


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When we had a gas direct vent insert installed, they put a special chimney cap. I forgot what it was called, and I never bothered to ask the reason for it. Maybe it was to prevent the problem you are having.

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