Do I get rid of the wood burner?

mattcaddersFebruary 22, 2006


Having just recently bought a clay lump construction house in need of some TLC i have come to a halt in proceedings with regards to one of our fireplaces.

It is currently housing a large multifuel burner. So large that the clay lump is deteriorating. The inside of the fireplace is crumbling.

Repairing it is not a problem, however should I extract the woodburner and reinstate the fire place or could i repair and then line the fireplace to prevent the problem re occuring?

The burner only has about 6 inches clearance from the wall on each side.

We quite like the idea of keeping the burner as our other fireplace is open and in good working order.

Any advice is welcomed.

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"clay lump"


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Greetings. Sorry, I can't help answer your questions, but see you are located in the UK. Would "clay-lump construction" mean mud brick, which is similar to what some of us here in the USA call adobe?

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Clay certainly will crack up if it is subjected to a lot of heat. When I fitted a fireplace, I was told to use concrete rather than plaster around a tight fitting mutli-fuel stove. I ignored this advice and the plaster cracked! I imagine clay does much the same.

Here is a link that might be useful: The costs of reinstating a fireplace

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