I am Game!

anya_101October 22, 2006

Hi all,

I have been waiting for this type of forum for a long long time here in GW (about time too!)

My name is Rose and I enjoy both deer hunting and (mainly) bass fishing. Will be a pleasure chatting with others who enjoy the same.

Here are some shots of my boat remodling I did this spring.

Here is a link that might be useful: Boat works

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Hello Rose! My name is Susan and I,too, love to hunt deer and fish for bass! In fact just got back from spending a few hours bow hunting here in Central Florida. I am lucky in living within a few minutes of some fairly good hunting. I harvested a nice 5 point about a week ago when I went to my stand after work. I live on a lake where the spring bass fishing is a blast! E mail me if you want and we'll chat!

nova aka Susan

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Hey Rose-- Very nice overhaul!! I'm in the middle of something a little less complicated-- I'm just replacing the front and rear fishing decks, and recarpeting the boat. So far, I've done the rear deck (I'll get some pics tomorrow), but that's about it. Too damn busy!!

Susan-- Which lake?

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Bill - I could tell you but then I would have to kill you! HA-HA! Really, I was just kidding but there is no motorized public access to it and as far as I know, the only "ramp" is in my backyard. But if you ever get this way drop me an e mail and take you on a tour! Susan

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Nice to meet you both, Susan & Bill.
Thanks for the comments about the boat overhaul Bill. Can't wait to see pictures of your boat.
Susan, lucky you! More than I can say so far this year. Been to busy to be hunting just yet. Going out this afternoon to see what I can see.

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Hi Rose,
I'm Jackie, I'm a leisure fisherman, and started hunting gamebirds last year. I like it! Welcome to the forum!

BTW: Hubby and I just processed 50lbs of meat off of the doe he bagged in muzzleloader season!

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I'm Marie and am happy to see that not everyone is against hunting/fishing! I hunt Deer, Antalope, Elk and if I can EVER draw will also be a Moose hunter ;) I have only taken Cows and Does as my Father told me 'Ya, can't eat horns' but when I draw my Moose I will be looking for a trophy :)

I don't Bass fish as we don't have any to speak of in Wyoming but I am an avid Trout person. Cutthroat are my favorite but IMO a bad day fishing is better than doing most anything else! Heck, I am happy even if I catch a Sucker or Carp. I do a little Flyfishing when I am in the right place, also.

Rose ~ nice boat! I don't have one as I fish creeks, rivers and a few small lakes. Maybe when I retire and am able to travel more, I'll look into getting a small one.

Jackie ~ Where do you Bird hunt? We have LOTS of birds here, althought I don't care to my husband does. Muzzleloader? Great job! I am not brave enough to try with mine - it's a wall hanger...


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Hi Marie,
We live and hunt here in NW Pa. Lots of grouse, pheasant, and waterfowl. We're short of a goose dog though, so mainly we've been upland hunting with a German Shorthair. I am jealous of your Elk hunts. We just started back in with hunting elk in Pa.,(they're becoming a nusiance) and I do believe the license is restricted to a just a few. What a beautiful creature.
As for moose.....I cannot imagine. Someday I would hope to see one!

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C'mon up here-- They're getting to be so common that there's actually going to be town meetings in the next few days to see about having open seasons for moose in the southern Maine counties the same as we do now in the northern counties. It's getting to the point where moose/ vehicle accidents are just as common as deer/ vehicle accidents, but with much more grave consequenses, and they've FINALLY figured out that they need to control the population, or there's going to be alot of dead moose and people, and totalled cars and trucks. The biggest problem, believe it or not, here in Maine, a place were outdoor sports is like second nature, is animal rights activism. Even though it's against the law, people go into the woods for no other reason than to ruin hunts, either by urinating, making noise, firing "spoiler" shots, or whatever it takes. Same on the water during the summer. I can't tell you how many times I've had people heckle me on the water. I'm pretty easy going, but when I have someone in a powerboat, time after time "throwing" a wake at me, I start to get ticked. Nevermind the two jerks in a canoe who overestimated my patience level this past july, by paddling up to my boat, and SMACKING THE HULL with their paddles, and then not expectimg me to do anything about it!! They got their wish. I stopped fishing right there. But they found out the hard way they really needed to rethink their strategy. They were in a canoe. I was in an 18' bassboat with 125 horses hanging off the transom.

They went swimming.

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Hi Marie,
Great to meet you also!
I am thinking, despite this being the time of year that everyone is out hunting and such... This is gonna be a fantastic place to spend some in between times this winter, ramblin on with you all! I am sure the forum will grow after the hunting seasons and such are over.
: )
LOL, Bill... u go guy! I wouldn't blame you one bit! Do they have laws there about "tree huggers" (animal rights activist) interference? I'd always carry a camera, just in case, in fact I always do anyway. : )

OH-MAN..... Moose & Elk hunting are dreams I have always had. Hope to some day fulfill it too.
Not one for bird hunting anymore. Got out of that a while back, after the loss of my Springer Spaniels. Just never got into it the way I have bow hunting turkey & deer... and the fishing aspect, of course.

Just found out tonight, I have lost my main hunting area do to re-sell of farm... sux! : (
Now the only place I have is a small farm that is overly crowed with other hunters. Had others walk in on me for the second night in a row there now. THAT'S BAD!
The way I am feeling right now, about to just sell off my equipment, sheesh!

Oh well, sorry about rambling on with my situation of bad luck tonight. Land is VERY tough to find around here for hunting.
Anyway, best of luck to you all this season, and look forward to chatting with you all!


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Do they have laws there about "tree huggers" (animal rights activist) interference?

Yeah, there is, and I DO carry a camera with me, usually. But it's normally put up in one of the storage compartments for when and if I catch a pig. Most of the times I was harrassed, it happened so quickly, that I couldn't get the camera out in time, and the one time where it DID happen slowly enough (the canoe incident), it was alot more satisfying to take care of the problem myself.

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Jackie ~ I had a German Shorthair named Buddy, well he was more of my kids dog and just a family pet as we never hunted with him. But he sure enjoyed chasing bunnies & pheasants in the back pasture with his cousin Cody (Golden Retriever). Now we have cow dogs that chase them in their free time ;).

We have lots of different birds here. There is a game mini-farm about 1/2 mile from my house that they release at for special hunts but most of them end up in my back yard & pasture to hang out with our wild turkeys. I don't allow anyone to hunt them as they are to close to the house and cattle. We also have a pond north of us that attract Canadians, Snows and every duck known to man. Beautiful to see but they are so loud at night fighting for the best spots it is hard to sleep! The guy who owns it leases it out so about 5:00 am on the weekends it sounds like WWIII...

Bill ~ "They were in a canoe. I was in an 18' bassboat with 125 horses hanging off the transom.
They went swimming."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 'Tree Huggers' are like a plague here also. Although they learn fairly quickly that we don't put up with much. They are really bad up by Jackson but there is a GRUMPY Bear up there right now that has chased a few :))

The wolves in Yellowstone are thinning out our Moose/Elk population so much that it is tough to find the bigger ones up there. The wolves have spread over most of the state including Idaho and Montana - beautiful creatures but they are getting out of hand just like the coyotes. We have them so bad here we quit feeding the dogs outside as they were coming in and eating during the middle of the day! Not good with small children around.

Rose ~ I hear you about not having any where to hunt. So much is private owned and they charge to much for the privlage. The walk in area's are so crowded that it is unsafe.


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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

Hi y'all!

My name is Sue.
How do you do?

I'm a deer hunter just waiting for firearm season to open here Nov 18th. There is prime property and deer hunting here in my neck of the woods. I'm told there is a trophy sized buck in the immediate area and hoping someone gets him soon, so I won't be tempted to take him.
Here in my county the deer are so thick, that hunters are allowed to take 1 buck and up to 8 does with the proper 'extra' doe permits. I can remember not too many years ago that you could only take an extra doe if you were lucky and got your name drawn for an extra doe permit.

I'm hoping to get two...one for me, and one to share with a less fortunate hunter. There is always someone who welcomes the extra meat for their freezer.

No tree huggers around here, but I believe there are plenty of poachers, and I wouldn't bat an eye about reporting anyone of them, if given the chance.


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Ours opens tomorrow, and we're expecting heavy rains and winds in excess of 60 MPH!! That's as bad as opening day of fishing season hitting before ice is out!!

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