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OldHippieMommaAugust 24, 2013

I started to write a long drawn out post but realized it was more to get something off my chest. So, I'll just get straight to the point.

My husband & I live in a very rural area, just outside the city limits of town. We live on about 2 acres. The deer seem to like just hanging around in our yard. It's not uncommon to see anywhere from two to ten laying around.

Today, there was a doe and two young bucks laying in the lower portion of our yard. The neighbor boy (an older teen) came over and asked my husband if he would chase them into his yard so he could shoot one with his bow. My husband said no.

When the deer finally moved into his yard he aimed his bow at one. I told my husband i didn't want to know if he hit it.

I consider what he did to be poor sportsmanship. It's one thing to stalk a deer in the woods where the playing field is more level. What he did is like "shooting fish in a barrel".

Anyway, I just want to get some opinions about this. I probably won't say anything to him or his parents because my husband asked me not to but I am wondering if what he did was even legal (assuming he has a bow hunting license).

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Bow hunting season started today for our state.

I too would be miffed at what your neighbor proposed.
I am not a hunter but do live on a huge parcel of land.
I am approached frequently to sign hunt permission forms but lie saying I only own 8 acres. You must hunt on 10 acres or more for my state.
I took the DEEP hunting course so I know the hunt rules. I have no interest in obtaining my hunting permit.
Part of the program is to know where the site of a clean kill is for each animal and that always know what lies beyond your target.

I would look up your DEEP site for your state . If the teenager is not hunting legally I would think about how to approach the parents. My thought is if he is illegal and hunting out of season what other rules are being broken.

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