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lippysydFebruary 23, 2008

Hi all! We rent and have an ugly, bulky stone fireplace. I'd like to find some somewhat cheap way to cover it up since actually resurfacing it is kind of out of the question. (my landlord would let me, but at my own expense) I was considernig making basically a 'box' and attaching it over the front, but now I'm concerned that to keep the requisite 8-12" distance from the firebox, that the stone would have to show. I'd like whatever I do to not be truely perminant since this is a rental. Any suggestions?

Here are some photos:

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My bias would be to convince the landlord of the desirability of installing a gas fireplace insert for you. This would be a huge increase in the heating efficiency of the fireplace, provide an attractive feature for the home and an alternative source of heat should the furnace quit working.

Doing a little shopping at a fireplace shop might give yousome ideas to recommend and a ballpark idea of the cost.

It would get rid of the black steel and brass.

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If I understand you correctly, you want to cover the stone fireplace surround because you do not like its looks. You might be able to have a sheet metal fabricator make a fireplace surround that will cover the stone facade. The metal could be powder coated in whatever color you wish, and it could be designed to stand on its own in front of the stone facade, but would not be attached to it. Such an item would probably cost about $300, a wild guess.

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seattlepioneer: yeah, unfortunately that wouldn't work because there is no gas in this entire building. It's built on a slab and everything is electric. Not to mention they're having some serious money problems right now, so I don't think there is money for investment. That's why I was thinking of something we could do that wouldn't cost them anything.

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Not abosultely sure this would pass code, but you might check into cutting cement board to fit over the existing sone veneer and then tiling it. Cement board is commonly used in bathrooms as a tile substrate that won't rot when wet. I assume it won't burn when heated either, and therefore allowed next to the firebox, but I'd check with your inspector.

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It looks like the black part(not sure if that is metal...tile or what) around your fireplace (between the doors and the stone) may be large enough to qualify as the fireproof area? Maybe paint the outside of the doors and the screen with high heat paint, then cover the stone. If that black surface is large enough, then you could probably go ahead with your "box" plan. If no, you maybe could make your box out of non combustible cement board. Here is a link which I hope helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: fireplace refacing

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