pontoon boat danger ... ? fix

vieja_gwJuly 7, 2012

We just sold our 16 ft. tri-hull fiberglass boat pulled by a Ford truck with Alaskan camper on it. When family was young it was so convenient to camp in the Alaskan & the tri-hull was so stable for walking around in it. As family got older & bigger, we just bought a used 18 ft. pontoon boat & trailer & bigger Ford truck to haul it ... more room & better stability for a lot more people.

This past week we read of a child falling off the front of a pontoon boat when it was moving & being swept down between the pontoons into the motor & killed!! I had never even thought of this & now am so paranoid about getting some grill -like shield to either place in front of the motor while it is running in the water or a drape -like shield fixed to the front of the boat to let down over the pontoons to cover the area between the pontoons when motor running. Has anyone ever made/bought/heard of anything like this? I was thinking of a lightweight metal 'curtain' of looped rings in a roll-up curtain-like device.

Would appreciate your ideas & thoughts!!

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A shield over the front of the propeller will not allow enough water to propel the boat forward properly. The same goes for changing the waterflow between the pontoons. Do not, I repeat do not change the engineering of any vessel, then you are looking for problems, and create other safety hazards. Would you seal all the windows in your car because a child accidentally fell out of one while the car was doing 60? No, you would make sure a child is in the proper child seat and everyone wears a seatbelt.

In Ontario all operators of a motorized boat including a small electric motor must take a Boaters course and pass a test. This should mandatory everywhere, especially for boaters like yourself. You need to know how a boat propels itself.

Our best safety equipment is our brains. Do not let your children stand in a boat that is motion. Simple as that. In fact unless at wakeless speed I won't let anyone stand in my boat. They are more likely to go overboard.

Tell your kids to stay in their seats, come on man.

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an open net-like drape tp fall over the front of the pontoons- not the motor? Glad some adults have kids that always obey .. even when one's back is turned for a second. We are past that stage in rearing children but when I read that tragedy of the child being swept under/between the pontoons I just wondered if some sort of shield could be placed/dropped down in the front of the pontoons that would not impede the water flow but would catch someone/something that fell in the water in front of the boat?

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The answer is nothing out there in todays market.

Go and talk someone at your local marina. It might be a million dollar idea.

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