Traffic Master Engineered Floor from HD-Pool Table?

kristenflJanuary 23, 2007

I posted under the Traffic Master Engineered Wood Floor from HD thread. As I was checking to see if someone answered, I started reading other threads. One person asked about whether they should put an island on top of a floating laminate floor. They got answers saying no or cut it out.

That scares me. We have a pool table (a Gandy Big G- heavy slate top) to place on it in our family room. Is placing the pool table on this kind of floor a mistake?

Also, I'd love to still hear from some of the people with the Traffic Master floors how they are holding up.



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That would not be a wise choice, never mind the weight issue. A wood product will dent very easily from balls dropping off the table.

The only floor I would suggest to float under a heavy pool table is a Wilsonart hi-pressure laminate. If the substrate is very flat it can handle the weight and cue balls won't damage it.

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We did the flying, dropping ball test and we think that we can live with it. We really did it hard, and we just got a small dent, nothing terrible. Truthfully, at our home, not that many balls fly off the table.

Now the real issue, the pool table's weight. The table sits on a shape similiar to a short, wide H. At the corner of the H's are areas 4" by 7". We'll probably place some sort of soft rubber piece in the exact shape under each leg.

So, if I am to understand this, the area within those 4 corners would not be able to expand and contract and might buckle? That area would be under the table. Would the area around the corners of the room be OK since they will have an area for expansion?

Thanks so much for your help with this. I've been shopping forever, and no one has ever questioned me putting a floating floor under the table. We now have 62 VERY HEAVY boxes of this stuff sitting in our living room, and the thought of loading it back up and bringing it back to HD has my head spinning! My husband is upset because I finally had made up my mind.


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I know nothing at all about Traffic Master floors. But, my feeling is if you do a real good job at getting the floor "dead flat" all around that pool table you should be alright. The weight is spread out and I don't think that in itself will lock the floor down. Flatness is more important and don't have anything really heavy adjacent or opposite to it.

The main reason floating floors is not run under kitchen cabinets is because they have to be shimmed from the bottom to square up the boxes so the doors don't rack. Shimming can lock a floor down, especially in a galley style or U shape design.

I suggest you call the manufacturer on this to be safe.

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Thanks so much for your answer. My husband thanks you, too. I will go ahead anyway and call the manufacturer.

Does anyone else want to chime in with their opinion?

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Kristen do you like your Traf Master Eng floor? Did you get the Brazilian Cherry? I flooded and have to put down new flooring and was going to put that Traf Mast down.
I was wondering your opinion of it.

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We haven't done it yet. We are ordered tile for some other areas that go up to the wood and we want to coordinate things so we do it in the right order.

From everything that I can tell, this floor is a good buy for the money.

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I just purchased some traffic master valley oak engineered wood flooring. I haven't started this project and am somewhat hesitant. Is this flooring very good? The wood layer on top doesn't seem very thick at all. Is this stuff worth the time...I know you have to glue it down. Does is scratch easily? Could you sand this floor if you had to? Is there a better product for the price. Is an all laminate a better choice?

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