Fish Leftovers ????

bunky_miJune 14, 2007

After cleaning I usually throw my fish Guts and Skins in my Trash Dumpster (Big one not a curbside unit) But it Attracts flies and is terribly smelly...

What do others Do with the leftovers???

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Plastic bag em, first.

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I'm not quite sure what my husband does with his, but I think he throws them in the wood-fired boiler (it's like a big wood stove). He fishes only for bass, so he doesn't keep very many fish.

We don't have regular trash pick up, so we always put meat scraps in a big zip-lock bag and keep it in the freezer until it's time to go to the landfill. So that's what I suggest you do--keep the guts and skins in the freezer until your trash pickup day.

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You can bury them in the garden. Or you can compost them.

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Around here if you try burying something like fish guts, there'll be a racoon or skunk leavin a thankyou note. :-)

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Here in Florida the guts, scales and other non eatable pieces of fish are buried by my Grapefruit tree and the roses. So far, 20 years, no other critters are using them for food. I don't go hunting anymore so have not had to hire a backhoe for animal remains.

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The best way to do with the fish left overs and avoid flies from coming is to put them in a compost pit. They can be used as an organic fertilizer. Thanks.

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