April 29th...Panfish weekend fun

anya_101May 1, 2007

Panfish....The not so publicized group anymore. Fun to catch & great eating. Especially the crappie!

: )

Here is a few photos in an album of just the one days catch.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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You're right-- that's some good eatin you're holding there!! Unfortunately, panfish don't get very big up this way. I think the only fish I've ever caught that size is a white perch and a crappie-- both about a pound. Other than that, they're usually palm sized. I've been talking with someone in another forum here at GW who lives down south, and was talking about being used to catching bream a pound or better. Nevermind good eating-- that sounds like a great fight, especially on ultralight gear!!

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Ya, it sure is Bill, least 2-3lb crappie are real fun to catch on ultra's & The bigger bluegill too.
I still think bass are my favorite on a fly pole though... Now thats a great fight! : )

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Oh, and by the way... I am hearing that this is the year for the "17 year Cicadas" to reappear too. Already been finding a few early ones around here. They make the "Best" panfish bait. As soon as hook hits the water, Boom!
Would be great bait to use on big hybrids.

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I'll bet!! Kinda reminds me of something I saw when I lived in South Florida. We were doing some tilework in a home on the water in Coral Gables, and at lunch time, one of the guys on the crew decided to show me something-- he chased down one of the millions of geckos running around, and tossed it into the water. This thing started running across the water like it's tail was on fire..... for about 15 feet. All of the sudden there was an EXPLOSION on the surface of the water, and that gecko was history.

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