Florida Bass are still Biting !

nova_gwApril 24, 2007

WOW! Nobody hangs out here any more I guess! Here's a picture of the DH with his catch of the day from the backyard.

Didn't get a weight on it. But it was a big 'un! nova

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Nice catch!! Looks to be 3- 4 pounds! Still waiting to wet a line for the first time this year. The ice just went out last sunday afternoon on most of the lakes (I was on "open water patrol"!)-- lakes that I went by in the morning that had black ice on top of them were open when I came back home in the afternoon. Now, it's time to get ready QUICK for the first tournament this coming sunday!

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They're starting to bite in Washington, too. DH has been out a few times, and he caught 6 or 7 the one day. He said the males are on the beds, but the females aren't active yet. Still too cold for the girls I guess!

But now the boat's back in the shop...*sigh*

Good luck in the tourney Bill!

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Tell him to slow down, and start texas rigging a tan or dark colored lizard into the beds (lizards LOVE bass eggs, and bass will go right after them when they're on beds). He should be able to catch two off each bed-- one not so bad, and one PIG. (the female)

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Well, tomorrow's the day-- first tournament! I hope to HELL I won't be sorry I posted this!! We'll see!

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Just talked to a guy in my club who prefished the lake today. We're having some really crappy weather right about now, and it's supposed to keep up thru the day tomorrow, off and on. On top of that, they're staging for prespawn, and between those two things, they've got a severe case of lockjaw right now. He said he could see them up in the shallows-- all quality fish, too-- dropped baits right in front of them, and they didn't so much as flinch. It'll be interesting!!

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I shoulda stayed home and slept in!! LOL Yesterday was one of those days that makes you appreciate the GOOD tournament days!! About the ONLY thing that went right was that I got up on time!! After that, it went right down hill!! Oh well-- atleast I didn't get skunked. I only caught two-- one was just under 1 1/2 pounds, and the other was 2 pounds 6 ounces. The only two bites I got all day, and I was able to land both of them, so I guess that was another good thing. :-) All day long, I figured it was just a real tough fishing day, and for most of us, it was. But there were two guys in the club who must have unlocked the secret. One came in with a 5 fish bag weighing 19 pounds 9 ounces, including lunker smallmouth of 4 pounds 2 ounces. He even had a 6+ pound largemouth, but that didn't win lunker largemouth! That was taken by the guy who took second place-- 4 fish totallying just over 16 pounds, and anchored (LITERALLY) by this 7 pound 11 ounce PIG:

Oh well-- there's always NEXT week!! :-)

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I did a little better this week. JUST out of the money, on all counts!! Being a club tournament, it only paid 1st and 2nd place. I got 3rd. Lunker largemouth was 3/5, my biggest was 3/3. Lunker smallmouth was 3/1, my biggest was 2/11. All in all, though, it was a good day, considering we were fighting 25 mph winds all day and the beginning of the spawn. They were just getting up on the beds, so they weren't even protecting them yet. I tried doing a little sight fishing, and all it did was spook them. Oh well-- Atleast I made a respectable showing this week. But to give you an idea of how tough the fishing was, winning weight was just over 11 pounds. Seconf place was 10 pounds even, and my weight was 9/7. The next in line only got about 6 pounds.

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Well, the holiday weekend is here!! Gonna spend the day tomorrow "yahd sailin" with my wife, and then sunday and monday (if the weather holds out) we're gonna get out on the water. Hopefully I'll have pics of a couple of pigs to post!!

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