Gas log horrible smell....Help!!

fishmaycraftFebruary 9, 2006

We had a set of non-vented logs installed around October and we immediately noticed a strong smell coming from the logs. We called the gas company back out and they tightened all of the fittings, the smell continued, they came back again and replaced the pilot lite. Now, 4 months later the smell continues. It is not a continuous smell, it seems to come and go, sometimes it is very strong throughout the house, and sometimes you barely smell it. Also, you smell it when the logs are not burning, just the pilot lite is on.

Can anyone give me any help? The gas co. that put them in doesn't seem to have any ideas.



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Some people are more sensitive to smell with vent free then others. IF the logs are placed exactly how the manufacture states they should be you could be getting flame impingment. That is the flame licks a log where its not supposed to be and doesnt combust completly. If everything is right, then its likly that you are to sensitive to the smell. Not much else to go wrong with them in regards to incomplete combustion. If thats the case, you can crack the damper and not loose all your heat, but loose some of the smell.

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We had non-vented logs in our last house and never had a problem with smelling them. I do know that when you push the lighter, the whole log set moves around, so maybe they are not in the right position now?

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If the logs are concrete, they should be nothched to fit, if there ceramic the typically have pins that they sit on. Get your owners manual and verify log placement and check the notches on the logs as well. Is there any sooting at all on any of the logs? that will tell you right away that they arent in the proper position. Take all the logs out and see if you smell anything.

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