Spinning Reel advice

hummersteveApril 8, 2008

I have long fished with the cheap zebcos , but now want to move up to a spinning reel with ball bearings and I have been studying several different popular makes for several months and about the time I think I want a certain one I read a review about someone who was dissappointed with that one. So now Im out here in lala land and cant decide. I know all the popular brands shimano, daiwai, pfluger, okuma and have studied them all,,,but. Help me make up my mind, please.

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i own several different types of spinning reels however they all carry the same name DAIWAI they have been with some of them for Over 30 years and still work great... whatever brand you choose just remember one thing if you buy a 39 dollar reel that is what you are going to get my most expensive reel is 199 dollar reel and it is the best reel i have ever used ... also it depends on what you are fishing for too different reels for different fish.

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I've got all kinds of spinning reels, from Shakespeare to Pflueger. I take ten of them every time I hit the water for a tournament, and of those ten, 4 of them cost me between 90 and 120.00. My favorites? The Shakespeare Catera or Sigma reels. Either one will do just as well as my expensive reels, and my first Sigma, as of this coming season, will be 14 years old (bought april of 95). I won't ever spend the money on another expensive spinning reel again. 35-40.00 for a Shakespeare (so long as it's got positive anti-reverse), and I'm happy!

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