Gas direct vent recommendations?

chessiezFebruary 7, 2009

Anyone particularly happy with a gas direct vent FP insert?

We've got a 23 x 13 living room with a wood-burning FP 34 1/2 w x 30 1/4 h. Looking for an efficient nat gas direct vent insert with good turn down range so we don't fry, but can also use it for heat during ice storms, etc. We're in NC.

Thanks! - Chessie

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We are in the research triangle area and about a year ago go a DV gas insert for the same reason you are considering it. We went with the Jotul Katadin model and we're very pleased with it. It's manufactured in Norway but assembled in Maine. We opted for the remote control thermostat, which they charge too much for. But I strongly recommend it because the fire gets really hot after a few minutes, and it's good to have it go off automatically and then back on a few minutes later.

I do not know that I would definitely recommend the Jotul brand -- their customer service 800# is really intended for contractors who sell and install them -- they don't like to take call from their retail customers.

I would strongly urge you to look very carefully at the installer you hire. Installing an insert is an all-day project and pretty complicated. And make sure your gas line is installed in a way that is compatible with your insert -- how that's done differs slightly from an installation for a regular gas logs unit. There's a place in Hillsborough that sells DV inserts and does the gas line also. We didn't go with them because my DW insisted on the Jotul -- she worked in Norway and likes their products -- and the guy in Hillsborough does not carry Jotul.

Also make sure your installation is within your local building codes. Let me know if you have any further questions. Good luck.

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Haus proud--tried to find a way to email you and can't in order to talk offline.

We're looking for something that won't fry us out of our living room, so interested in something with a great turn-down range. But the Mendota larger DV model insert is just a bit too big in width for our FP.

Anyone have suggestions?

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