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jowell135February 28, 2009

I own several small cabins that have unvented propane inserts. Guests continually have trouble using them because they have a rotary type dial, low under the firebox which must be in a certain position to light the pilot, then turned in the right direction to light the flame and on and on. Is there any cost effective ( cheap) way to convert them so I can just add a wall switch to turn them on and off.



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No, the typical manual gas valve can't be converted to operation by a switch.

And frankly, unvented equipment is very likely the wrong choice for your cabins. Your guests aren't going to follow the lengthy list of warnings that come with all unvented equipment, and especially if they use them for heating they can be killed or injured by such equipment.

And please don't tell me you have CO detectors, which aren't adequate protection against the hazards of unvented fireplaces.

You should consider the very very expensive lawsuits that you invite by supplying wholly unsuitable and risky equipment for your visitors to use.

As a repairman for a natural gas utility, I packed quite a few people off to the hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning, and shut off a good many hundred of gas appliances that were hazardous to operate. Unvented equipment is a foolish risk to take unless you can be SURE that ALL the warnings included with such equipment are understood and followed by all the people using it.

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