Need advice on BB gun for pest non-native birds

marys1000January 6, 2008

I'm not a hunter so I'll say right up front I don't know zip about this which is why I'm asking for help. If the whole idea is stupid feel free to say so.

I like having bird feeders in the backyard but have a tough time with the hordes of house sparrows. Now to make it worse, the Starlings have found me. I can't afford to keep a backyard feeder full with these guys around. They go through everything I put out (quite a bit) in minutes.

A couple of years ago in a different location I looked into the idea of shooting some, there a pellet gun would have worked (country, 9 acres) but before I bought one I ended up moving to this new location in town. I have a small woodline behind me but it is in town. The feeders are close so I think a BB gun would work fine, be much quieter (how quiet?). It is legal to kill Starlings and House Sparrows as they are non-native.

Don't know about firing a BB gun in town though.

If that's not an issue - anyone have BB gun recommendations?



P.S. I have shot before at targets (former Air National Guard) and took a NRA safety class a long long time ago so am not totally unfamiliar with firearms.

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Checked local ordinances and its disallowed.

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Thank goodness. The problem isn't so much with taking the lives of the birds. The problem is what happens with any bb's or pellets that miss their mark. You could do alot of damage, and even injure someone, especially if you're aiming higher than level.

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There is a fairly deep patch of woods behind me and the next buildings are fairly far away. Plus I could limit shooting only those on the ground, since they are only about 20 feet from me I think it would be pretty safe.

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Go to the following thread, and read the 4th post down:

Here is a link that might be useful: Be sure of your target and all behind it

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