I guess SOMEONE's got to be the first!!

bill_vincentDecember 22, 2006

Here are some of my pics from this year on the water:


Enjoying a beautiful fall sunrise, mist coming off the water!!

On plane just a little while later

My best friend "fishing the serenghetti"

But it paid off-- over 18 pounds, and 1st place!

Our Club president with a 3 1/2 pound smallie

My day came the following month. The fish on the left was 4 pounds plus:

One of God's gifts to me that day:

My favorite lake in the world (about 5 minutes from my house):


What it's gonna look like for the next few months!

Shawnee Peak Rising above:

That enough, or ya want more???


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Great photo's Bill & thank you so very much! I have really enjoyed them & that lake is just beautiful!

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Great pictures, Bill! Makes me want to go wet a line!!!

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Here's one of my brother in law from 1996. He posted this to a family site after the stories recently about the older couple and the cougar attack. From what witnesses said, he shot this cat in the middle of a charge of him on his horse.

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Stephanie Miller

Though I am commenting very late, as I have just joined the forum, but I think these images have their 'evergreen' quality! The lake is just so charming and that lotus! These truly made my day. :)

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Curt D'Onofrio

Go to any lake in the morning and you'll see the fog hovering just over the water. You will also experience the quietness and stillness of it all. For me, this is the opt time to fish and just to take it all in. Love it.
In the above pics, large mouth basses (as opposed to small mouth basses) are being shown. They are fighters. They will dive down and give limit to your fishing line...play with them as to tire them out...else they will snap the line.

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