Drywall to brick

Orr7576February 16, 2005

I am refacing my brick fireplace and installing decorative tile 1' around the opening of the fireplace. for the drywall I am placing around the tile I am wondering what I can do to adhere the drywall to the brick. So far I have found out that contruction adhesive and screws will do the trick but I would like to do this correctly so I do not have to go back and redo the entire proejct.

Any input is appreciated.

Thank you

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I would attach 1x3 or 1x4 furring strips to the brick, and then attach the drywall to the furring strips using glue (polyurethane construction adhesive) and short drywall screws (enough to go through the furring strip but not all the way into the brick).

This would preserve your brick with minimal damage. Also, I'm not sure you could screw drywall straight into the brick anyway. (maybe you can; I've never tried it).

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Thanks for the reply, I have found out that I must use anchor screws that will anchor in the brick to hold up the drywall every 2' to secure it to the face of the brick I am resurfacing. This way is suppose to be the most secure and efficeint way to hang the drywall on the brick.

I hope that this will help anyone else who is attempting the same thing I am.

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