Only buck I got this year

anya_101December 28, 2006

In route to Texas for a feral hog hunt, got me a huge 9 point buck in Missouri. Huge body, small rack = major damage to my van & rest of trip. : (

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That sucks!! I HATE it when that happens!! No one got hurt, I hope!!

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My Chiropractor loves me, you might say. LOL
He is learning to enjoy my brothers visit's too, as he was with me.
Just some re-injuries of old injuries from way back... caused by airbag impact, but glad we had them and the van, instead of a lower setting car, or he'd been in our lap's.
I caught him in mid-leap across my lane. Semi on one side of me & large ditch on other. Heck, I couldn't have hit him more square on if I had tried Bill. Carried him a long way too.!

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Well, as you said, it could have been alot worse. We had a moose accident about 2 miles down the road last summer, where a couple from Mass. was up here on vacation, and with a Honda Accord, took the moose's legs right out from underneath him, and the moose DID end up on top of them. The driver was dead at the scene and the passenger was critical and had to be life flighted out.

There but for the Grace of God go I.

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How sad. Doubt even a van could protect you from a Moose very well.

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