Arrow wood fire insert?

dishikiFebruary 20, 2008

We purchased our house nine months ago and there is an Arrow wood fire insert. That is the only name on it. We have no instruction manual and no idea how to use it, and my wife wants it gone.

She is concerned that it is not safe for our kids. We have an 18 month old and a newborn. I suspect that the outside of it gets extremely hot. It has a plug for a blower. The previous owner said he used it all the time. The question is, does anyone know of an online manual for this brand? Also, how hard is it to remove?

Finally, should we keep it and utilize it? Is it safe for kids. Our house is about 3100 sq ft. We live in the Atlanta area, and our highest gas bill was last month about 140 dollars. Would this heat the whole house? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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It's probably wise to have a fireplace repairman who is an expert with woodstoves come in to inspect the chimney, venting, the condition of the fireplace and answer your questions.

Woodstoves can be hazards, so having an unknown quantity inspected when you move into a new address is the smart thing to do.

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You can get a screen that surrounds the outside of the unit. It keeps it out of harm's way so nobody gets burned.

But you have rules. No fire unless there's an adult in the room. Your children WILL get close to it and yes, they may get a burn. But after that, they won't go near it again. It's like a kitchen range. I think everybody got burned as a kid touching a hot pan. But we all survrved.

But having a fireplace also teaches your children the RESPECT for fire.

Have it checked out, get a screen surround, and you should be just fine. Especially in winter when there's a power failure.

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Here's a place that sells Arrow inserts. They're made by Heatilator.

Here is a link that might be useful: Arrow Dealer

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