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lunchlady1948December 11, 2006

Sorry I am late again. I have done great the last three days on tracking my eats:) Also getting more water down:) I am going to the dr tomorrow so we shall see what his scales say:( They always seem to weigh heavy are yours like that???

I am busy busy this week the last one before my winter break:)

Keep up the good work:)

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I haven't weighed even once this week...I refuse because then I would begrudge myself some of the fabulous food we are having..Went to dinner last night, a Christmas party affair and the cost was enough that I was eating regardless of the points or calories...I had fabulous appetizers, fabulous cesar salad, and a more than fabulous grilled salmon served with fennel salad and asparagus on a bed of creamy grilled rice..I cannot tell yoy how tasty it was...The salmon was the best I have ever eaten and I eat salmon often...It was like velvet it was so smooth and I swear the taste was absolutely sensuous...so even though I am worried about weight, I refuse to turn down a fabulous meal that I am going to have to pay for anyway...

I hope you all are having a stress free holiday and I hope if you are feeling overwhelmed that you will step back and take a deep breath...Eat well and enjoy....

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Ruthie that dinner sounds great, I agree it is the season to enjoy:)I have never heard of creamy grilled rice YUMMMERS!!

I went to the dr today about my cholesterol, he asked if my brother had it too, I told him I was not sure but maybe. He said he bet he did and that it may just run high in our family:( So he gave me samples of a new one he wants me to try~~I just hope it does not make me sick it too three brands to finally get the one I am on now:(

SHEESH I ate out Sunday and Monday will be eating out maybe Thurs~~and am going to a cookie party on Sat LOL!
I weighed 149 at the dr's today so that is one pound I have lost, since my horrilbe WI @ WW's last Friday:)

HEY!! Where are the other ladies quit lurking and come on down and post!!

YAHOO!! Only 3 more days of school YIKES I just remembered we are serving Domino's pizza tomorrow~~~imagine smelling that for 4 hours and not eating any LOL!! :)

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I'm here, just been a busy week and not a good one as far as the weight goes. I went to my WI today and I was up again..that makes 4#s up. I stayed for the meeting and that is always helpful for me. I really do need that support from the gang there and I'm making some new friends too. Today we exchanged phone #'s.

We got the lowdown on the changes to the plan. Have you all seen them. They have changed how you calculate your target points. Makes more sense to me. Otherwise everything else stays pretty much the same. I'm going to read over the new book tomorrow.

I am going south (Cayman Islands) for Christmas. I'm hoping to get a handle on my eating before we leave on the 20th. Would like to lose these 4#'s before I go and will be happy if I maintain while I am gone.

I only have one dinner to go to and that is this Sunday at my sisters. She knows I'm on WW so hopefully she will have a healthy meal.

I'm so glad I'm not a pizza nut. I don't think I could smell it for 4 hours tho and not have any.

I will check in later this week. Everyone have a great and healthy week.

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So I have been to Memphis the last 3 days to be with my dad. He had to have heart catheterization due to some abnormalities on his treadmill recently. It's precautionary since he's had a stent before, and he is diabetic.

Anyway all came out fine! Just a little more buildup in his arteries, which is to be expected in a long time diabetic, and they'll continue to treat it with meds, and maybe some daily oatmeal.

Didn't WI last week so I guess I have to pay this week. I go tonight. I'm feeling more fluffy than usual - can't say I've eaten badly but I just feel heavy. Maybe because of TOM.

Anyway, back to my oatmeal and coffee! You guys have a happy day!

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HI!! Ladies

QBee you and I are both up 4lbs:( What's up with that?? I am not going to get all wild about it, there is just food everywhere. I went a a retirement desert (am I spelling this wrong I am tired:( for my supervisor today! YUP a desert GAWD they had wonderful stuff there and yes I ate some~~~then DH and I went shopping and out to dinner and tomorrow I am meeting a pal for lunch! I think after that I am done with the going out dates OH except for a pot luck at my quilting guild! I think I will do what I have done in the past and go by Wendy's and get a chicken salad and iced tea~~then I am not tempted to even go near the pot luck food. And if I do not bring a dish I will not eat any of it~~~HMMM good idea.

TK I use that word too fluffy! I am feeling way fluffy lately:(

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Well as I figured, I'm up a little - 1.4 lbs. They presented the first part of the new program yesterday. I took the new test, and still ended up at the same points per day (21). Some folks came out down, and the fella in the group ended up with a total of 41 per day!!!! He's like 6'2" and still on the heavy side, and on the new test, men automatically get 6 more points per day than women, just for being male. He said he was going to stick to the lower number he was already doing, anyway.

Core has a bit of a change on snacking also. They are no longer allowed to eat any core for a snack; there is a list of 'free core foods' for snacking; otherwise, if they eat something not on the approved snack list, they use the Flex point system up to 35 per week.

I'm refocusing myself this week to do a few things better.
1) Journal!!! If I bite it, write it!!! (I got off track a bit on this.
2) Fruits/veggies!!! I'm ok here but need to keep up
3) Dairy!!! have not been great on this so it can't hurt to give it a bit of focus.

Anyway --- DD is sick with the cough I had a few weeks ago so I'm working from home today. Depending on how she feels and what the doc says, I hope to get a bit of rest today too. After driving to memphis, spending a day in the hospital with Daddy, and driving back, I'm tuckered out.

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Hi Ladies....Have you missed me...since I posted last I have had a cataract removed from my left eye and had a really nasty stomach virus...the virus was way worse than the eye surgery...I'm seeing really good now that both eyes are cataract free....The weight is ok...147 this morning but that's because of the virus I am sure....the stomach is still a little queasy but feeling much better...Hope everyone has a great week and I will post again soon as I get over all of this.............

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