Counting Calories??

Dotty9December 10, 2004

Can you lose weight just by counting calories,and keeping them in a certain range, rather than follow a specific diet; and some exercise too??

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Yes, limiting calories is one way to lose weight. For your health, try to make sure to eat a variety of foods and consider taking vitamin/mineral supplements while you cut back on calories.

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Absolutely! A specific diet is not necessary to lose weight. The best and easiest way for most people is to limit portion sizes and reduce or eliminate snacking on empty calories of refined sugars in cookies, pie, cake, and white bread. And exercise is an essential part of the equation if you really want long-term, successful weight loss.

However, rather than "counting" calories I think it is easier to eliminate empty calories such as sweets with refined sugars and limit portion sizes. For example, a serving of meat is about the size of a deck of cards, not just one big steak. :-)

Also, be sure to eat enough calories with small snacks in between main meals. Eating smaller amounts throughout the day maintains the metabolism.


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Thank you. I guess I really knew that,but just had to hear it for support. I really don't like following a specific diet,but eliminating the "junk",and cutting portion size,and NO seconds,plus exercise should do the trick. Thanks again.

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