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lunchlady1948December 3, 2006

Hey!! Look I am early starting our new post for the week!!

Quiltbee Welcome!! We are glad to have you:)

I love oatmeal also but it just does not fill me up, I seem to always need protein at each meal esp in the morning I am going to stay with my eggs for breakfast and take the oatmeal to eat for lunch. I will see how that works for me.

QB my leader also always talked about having your oil and your dairy everyday. I just never could do that, dairy does not always agree with me and I never could figure out how to get the oil in:( I was bad!

I went to my pals pot luck and tree trimming party last night~~I will not tell you what I ate:( They are Chinese and I just never know what they have in their dishes:) It was good and I did the best I could LOL!! I ate good today tho:)

Is anyone done with their shopping yet???

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Welcome quilterbee...........That may be less than I am eating...I think I have been doing more than that...that's how sloppy we can get without reading the book from time to time...going to have to clean up my act....What's the oil thing...When I was going to class they never mentioned oil daily...I have been doing flax seed oil does that count....tell me about the oil thing....

Lunchlady I think eggs for breakfast is just fine....sometimes I do them too...You obviously are doing it right...I'm laughing about the chinese food thing because I am always cautious too ...like Oh my what is that...

Eat well Ladies and have a terrific week...

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Healthy oils and no more banking points are the biggest changes since my last round on WW.

Butter doesn't count LOL. I eat at Subway couple of times a week and ask for oil and vinegar (my Subway uses olive oil - I checked). And then any other salads I do O&V for dressing. That way I get my oils in for the week.

Now instead of banking, I eat my 21 points a day. and then I use the 35 'free points' as needed. I don't usually end up using all of them most weeks unless it's a holiday like Thanksgiving.

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This is the first time that I noticed they were pushing the oils. In my WW book, it says to opt for liquid oils such as olive, canola, safflower, sunflower or flaxseed. Use two teaspoons of these oils in your cooking and food preparation each day to get the essential fatty acids and vit. E that your body needs.

I make my own salad dressing with olive oil and try to get a salad in each day. I make up a bowl of salad in the morning then it is there for my lunch and/or dinner.

At the bottom of our tracker is two little boxes to check off the daily oil. This is a Canadian version but I am assuming that it is the same program in the U.S.

Today I'm back on track. Keeping busy doing my Christmas cards so I'm out of the kitchen. I didn't plan my meals or use my tracker on the weekend so I'm praying I didn't do too much damage. I seem to really swing off program when I don't track. Lesson learned...again.

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HI! Ladies

I am doing OK with my eating the last two days may be because I am not feeling well:( Getting the 'cooties' from the kids at school. I am going to fix my DS something to eat and put my PJ's on and get in bed.

What is flaxseed oil good for?? Maybe I need that I take vit E.

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I had a terrific day yesterday...Didn't go over points and got my exercise...I have to be good today. I weighed in at 146.....I feel like I will never get to 140 but if I can stay above 150 it's not too bad..Gonna have a busy day...Hope you all stay on Plan but even if you cheat....make it a good one...no not a good cheat but a good day.

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Here is a website that gives some info on flaxseed. Hope the link works.

I don't use the oil, but sprinkle ground flaxseed on my cereal or in baking. You have to be careful with it as it goes rancid easily. The oil has to be kept out of the sun too. It has OMEGA-3's and lots of anti-oxidants. It is supposed to have lots of health benefits.

I'm back on track today and feel so much better for it. Went to my exercise class this morning and have been tracking my food in the journal. If I don't track, I don't do well.

Ruthieg glad you had a good day yesterday. I'm hoping to lose some before Christmas and if I can maintain between the 25th and Jan 1, I will consider myself to be successful. I'm glad I don't have any functions or parties to go to.

Thank you guys for letting me join. I need support and don't have many friends here since I moved here last summer. My sisters try to be, but they need to lose weight also so at times it is "this little bit won't hurt" but all those "little bits" add up. That is how I got to be where I am.


Here is a link that might be useful: Flaxseed information

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Thanks for the infor QBee i will check it out. I have been sick with a headcold I get 1-2 a year from the kids:( Too make it doesn't make me not want to eat. In fact I eat more since nothing taste good!

How is everyone doing~~~shopping????

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I finally dragged myself to my WI!! The leader said she would not charge me for missing Nov~~BUT~~I am 4 pounds over my goal weight, you are allowed to be 2 over, so she had to charge me:( But, I had a coupon left from when I started so I used it.

SHEESH!!! I did my pre WI at CURVES and I weighed 149~~and usually those scales are 1 pound more than WW's but this time it was 1 pound less!! That's right I weighed in at 150!

I know it is of course holiday snacking~~~not remembering my lunch everyday (what's up with that?) and not drinking all of my water:( Tomorrow I am going to go on the flex plan and really start tracking:) Wish me luck! I have to get ahold of myself right NOW!!!

My leader told me to make sure I come back next Friday they are changing or adding some things to the program. With some new booklets coming out???? Has anyone heard about this???

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Lunchlady, I know how you feel. I weighed in on Friday (instead of Wednesday) and I was up 2#s. I didn't track this week and didn't drink my water or have my oil everyday. Back on track today too. I find it really hard to lose weight as I age. I never had this problem in my 40's. Now in my 50's I do. It is a constant battle...I gain so easily. I didn't even have great cheats. My leader told me that if you don't have your daily points max. you can gain. You would think if you ate less you would lose. Anyway, I am not giving up as I am doing this for my health. I exercise too.

My leader didn't mention about anything new coming along. We may be a little behind the US. I'll find out when I check in at my regular meeting on Wednesday.

Here's to a good weekend...food wise and socially too.

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I am tracking away here!! I have done well so far but it is only 3pm :) I have been cleaning all day and getting ready to decorate the house so I have been too busy to eat.

You said it right QBee my cheats also were not even great!

I am off to go shopping have a great evening ladies

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