deceased fathers debts

memaof4February 20, 2009

my father passed away last year and he was not well mentally the last few months of his life. I have been receiving calls and letters regarding a pretty large amount of credit card debt that he has left-all of these accounts were opened within three months of his death and he died suddenly-they are only in his name he did name myself on some as authorized user, my mother on others and my brother-my mother nor myself knew anything about them-he has no estate-there was nothing left except a house with a big mortgage on it-i have told them that i can't pay these bills i know that you don't inherit debt but how can i get them to just leave me alone.thanks

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I'd send them a letter (by certified mail so that you have proof that they received it) stating that he has died, that there is no estate, and instructing them to cease contacting you about it. Attach a copy of the death certificate.

That should end it.

I am sorry for your loss.

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In addition to what ZONE suggested, I would call them and tell them he is no longer at that address. Give them the address of the cemetary.

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send them a copy of the death cert. your not responsable for any of his debt.

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You might also try to figure out if he really was the one to open these credit cards. If this is identity theft then more cards and charges may appear in his name and other issues may arise. I would be suspicious that someone who knew of his illness and mental incapacity 'sold' him to identity sharks.

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Thanks for all your advice I know a lot of it was scams he really believed the nigerian scam-i have a lot of fake money orders and checks to show for it-i didn't know any of this was going on-he gave me credit cards to purchase things for him and I don't recall what the card was-which bank-to be honest I really didn't pay it much attention-so i feel that he is the one that opened these accounts but again he would answer ever junk email and pop up on the computer even scanned his drivers license and ss card in and sent it to these people-i don't know it is frustrating that he would do these things but I know that he thought that he would be helping my mother he really believed that these people were legit-he was always sending money western union to somewhere-I have asked the callers to send me the information and as yet no mail most all of the accounts were opened within the last 8 weeks of his life-he died suddenly of a heart attack I don't know what he had been doing I just can't handle this stress any more-i have sent copies of death certificate, will poa and all other information that would prove to them his death-they know that can't come after me as I am not responsible-they threaten to sue the estate-what estate there isn't one-i spoke to an attorney and was advised about the same as you guys-tell them not to call-send letters which i have done-maybe i should just change my phone number then they will have to send me mail-i don't know sorry for the long rant-i just can't describe what i feel, frustration, pity anger and love for my daddy that I know he would never do this in his right mind anyway thanks again and i will let you know how things turn out you guys are too kind

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Take a deep breath and relax. I know a little of what you might be going through. Its hard enough to grieve the loss of your dad but dealing with creditors to boot is tough.

Send the death certificate (receipt verified) and explain that you will be suing them if they continue to harrass you, which is exactly what they are doing. That probably will still not work. If not just simply dont answer the phone. You dont HAVE to talk to them

Good luck

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I'm so sorry your father was taken advantage of that you've been harrassed. I hope things are better for you now. ((Hugs))

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Here iis an article I saw on Yahoo today. It made me think of this thread.

Here is a link that might be useful: Debt Collectors get Relatives of Dead to Pay

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thank you all so much-I read the article and that phillips and cohen is one of my problems-very pushy-i have followed the advice about the letters and the death certificate but they don't care-so now i just don't answer the phone-maybe soon they will tire of this as there is no estate or assets-now gemb has arbitrarily changed an account into my mothers name and are trying to harass her-i know the economy is in trouble but some of the debt collectors border on ridiculous-thanks again and God Bless you all

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i forget the term for it, but check to see if the state your parents lived in is a joint responsibility state. in some areas debts incurred by one spouse become the responsibility of the other spouse. not all debts do, but some can.

i recommend changing your phone number and sending them all a certified letter with a return receipt stating that they are to cease and desist ALL contact via the phone, they are to send everythign in writing. at least then you can just toss the stuff out in teh trash. plus if they contact you again via phone you can sue them for violating federal collection laws.

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i got alot of these collection calls, when my mom died. she owed quite a bit.unlike a many people i get a kick out of them, seeing how long i can keep them on the phone, or egging them on like i`am going to pay them ha! or just insulting them. calls come in on my 3rd line, so when i tire of it, i just turn the ringer off.

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