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nhsuzanneDecember 27, 2010

Happy Monday all,

Most of us on the east coast are buried in snow. I hope everyone is safe and warm. I spent my entire day moving snow, fighting snow drifts, and getting my face sandblasted by blowing snow. It's very cold out.

My animals are all tucked into the barn for the night. This night is not fit for man nor beast.

I hope you all had a great Christmas. Come tell us what you got for Christmas. Mine was great. It's always good to be with family during the holidays. There is much to be grateful for.

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Happy Monday from a very cold, windy and snowy NJ. We got 24 inches - just getting plowed out now.

Christmas was wonderful, enjoyed a fabulous time with friends and family.

BJ, thoughts of you and thank you for my great gifts. The Santa in a kayak was immediately placed on the tree. The mints are delicious and the tin will be saved. I enjoyed, as did my family, learning about Friday Harbor and the San Juan Islands. Thank you my sister! I would love to visit some time.

I have been MIA for many reasons, most recently sick followed by holidays. Even though I am absent I think of you all every day and am grateful for your support and friendship through the years.

I am off this week and will try to check in more often. In the event I don't keep my promise I hope you all had a great Christmas and have a happy, healthy, safe and fun new year!!

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Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and looking forward to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2011.

Donna - Thank you so much for your package, I loved everything. You nailed me with the napkins and I had to make sure my DD's didn't walk off with the cheese spreaders. The blinged out ornament is proudly hanging off my mantle right now LOL. Thank you so much.

Maddie - I hope my package made it to you, it should have been there before the 23rd.

Suzanne - we only have about 3 inches of snow. We were suppose to go to NYC Sunday, but cancelled that because we couldn't chance it because we had to be back yesterday and were worried we wouldn't.

I hope everyone gets a chance to check in.

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Hi Guys!!!

Well, luckily I didn't start my NEW YEAR off with getting fired! DH fired me last night! He said it just doesn't work for us to work together because I overstep my position. He also thinks that calling him "Mr. B" would be good for teh rest of the time I work for him. Insert stoner voice here: ~~~"Killer, dude!"~~ GAH! I will have to brush off my resume. Oh, well, I lasted almost 2 years... Even though I am making light of it, there are so few jobs here, I think I will be riding the ferry every day to the mainland for work and that takes a big chunk out of my day and my pay. But, really, if he keeps me around, he will hate me and divorce me. I can see it beginning already...I'm sure you know what I mean.

NHSuzanne: I read about your animals and am sending HUGZ your way. It's a sad/sweet time of year. Family and friends are the true gifts, aren't they?

DeeMarie! Opened my surprise! LOVE IT! Too many people have tried to steal my little inspirational weight-lifting, IPod-listening blondie ornament off the tree...I am watching it like a hawk!

...AND...I love my silver leopard biz card case! TOOOOOO cool! You are so good to me, DeeMarie!

DonnaSNJ: Glad you liked your ornament! Come any time! I will always have room for my SS sisters!

It's COLD here and supposed to snow...I wonder if it will...

The kiddos were a HANDFUL! --Reminded me of how old I'm getting. But, we all had a good Christmas. They tore down the curtains in the bedroom, knocked over my suit of armor in the entryway(YOW!), and broke a bottle of soy sauce all over my new white cabinets, then the little guy had a terrible aim for potty (TMI?), but by the end of the SECOND day, we had things under control and it took a couple more days of consistency to get everything running smoothly.

Well, I hope everyone is chugging along. I'll be glad to say goodbye to 2010, but then, I was glad to say goodbye to 2009! :-)

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Good Wednesday all,

BJ, I feel your pain in the job department. I am committed to NOT commuting and will dig in my heels very hard if pushed! Eventually something will come along. Looking for a new job after 50 is not fun. I am happy to welcome 2011 and say adios to 2010. Not the best of years for me but there is so much to be grateful for that I cannot complain.

Raeanne, I can't believe you only got 3" of snow! That's amazing. We got clobbered here with almost 30" of snow. The drifting is amazing. Hopefully the winds will be calmer today and the drifting will stop.

Donna, I hope you are feeling better soon.

Okay everyone, were are you all? You need to stop by and share your Christmas with us.

What are your New Year plans?

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Happy Hump Day, everyone!

BJ, you are a saint and a half! Working with your husband for almost 2 years and still alive to tell about it? Whew! Two little ones at Christmas, and not as much damage done as could have been? Wow! You are so much fun to know because you live a life I find fascinating and awe-inspiring. Good luck with your next career!

Christmas was very different for me this year. I'm not sure how I felt about it. My family was so sweet to me and I did receive lovely gifts, but my heart wasn't as into things as I'd hoped. I realize that I'm going through a period of adjustment, and my new "normal" takes getting used to, but it's left me a little down this last week. I am thankful for all the kindnesses shown by my loved ones, but I need this first holiday to be history now. Hope that makes sense to y'all.

Hugs and love to all who need it as much as I do. Lots of business to take care of today before I officially start my life of singleness (and paying my own way in life) on January 1st. Have a great week, everyone and a blessed New Year's celebration!

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Happy Holidays everyone!

Sorry I have been MIA...we cancelled yet another trip down south because of weather and my various illnesses. Been in bed for most of 7 days with infections of eyes, throat, ears, nose..you name it. After my 3rd trip to the docs in 2 weeks, the new meds are finally working. I felt well enough to take a short trip to Targets with DH and then the bakery. I did about 5 loads of laundry to wash/bleach all the bedsheets, blankets and comforters I came into contact with, and I'm beat. DH is going to have dinner with his mom, and I'll be back to bed. I was able to spend a few really nice hours on Christmas day with DHs daughters and SIL. Tomorrow, we may take a trip over to Bethlehem PA to the Sands Casino....just to make me feel I'm actually on holiday! Whew!!!

THANK YOU! Patti, the gifts were soooooo "me". I opened them on the morning of Christmas when I felt OK, and the entire family loved the ornament! For those not in the know, it is a cruise ship with my name on it! DH wants one with his name on it too! LOL!!! What a great and thoughtful idea. I also received a wine (bottle!) cooler and a lovely kitchen towel which came in handy already. It was so nice of you to take time to pick out the gifts and mail them when you are in between homes. I really appreciated all the thought that went into it.

Isn't our little group so much fun and comfort?

As for my cardio results (did I mention them?) I have no blockages, but the left side of the heart is thickened, and the right side is a bit enlarged. I am scheduled for a TEE next Thursday afternoon which will take a picture of my heart via a camera down my throat (sort of like an endoscopy). She suspects either a hole in the chamber separating the left side from the right side, or a problem with sleep apnea. Not sure if I already told you all this, I just can't remember. Anyway, I am confident that it is something I can live with or have fixed, so not worried about it now.

DH and I plan to spend a very quiet new year's eve together. We leave to see my sister's family aturday morning in South Jersey for my side-of-the-family Christmas/holiday celebration. We will return early Sunday morning.

I hope to be here before the ball drops, but just in case, HAPPY NEW YEAR...let's all pray for blessings for each other in 2011.

Love to all!

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Good Thursday all,

Dee, sorry you have been so sick. And no, you did not mention your test results previously. I am glad that it is something you can live with - it could be so much worse, right?

Carolyn,it will take time for things to seem "normal" to you. Pretty soon you will be all settled in. It's like breaking in a new pair of really gorgeous shoes. It hurts sometimes but it's so worth it! You are not one to let any moss grow under your feet that's for sure.

We have a lovely, windless day ahead of us here in NH. I will enjoy being outside enjoying the snow now that I have moved all that needs to be moved. Now I can have fun with the animals.

No plans for NYE here. I am grateful that Mark will be home and we can celebrate quietly and be in bed before 10! LOL

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Hi all!

Sorry I've been MIA also, but things have been just dramatic around here. Two friends are in the hospital, one is out out the hospital and in a rehab facitity, and the lady in bed next to mom passed away right after Christmas. Then, my MIL starts showing signs of another MRSA infection (she had a full-blown infection this fall), and then is diagnosed (in addition) with shingles.

I'm leaving. On a jet airplane. To Rio. With good looking men everywhere. And booze. Lots of booze.

Despite all of the above, Christmas was nice this year. I still didn't get my bike, but oh, well. Didn't get scrubs or textbooks, either. But it was nice anyhoo. The tree was pretty, and the decorations were sparkly, and I had the great joy of several quiet evenings with just me and the tree, and music. Ahhhh...... now, **that's** a gift!

BJ--2 years, huh? I'm impressed! I made it about 4 months, and by then we were both scouting for swampland in LA that would hide the bodies. LOL! How's your mom?

Dee--(((((hugs))))) Since you have a heart of gold, I'm sure you'll be fine! :)

Raeanne--I love my gifts!! Ladies, she sent me the.greatest.ornie.evar! It's a martini glass with a stem that looks like black fish-net stocking, and a glittery pink stilletto painted on the side, and it's called a "stilletto-tini"!!! LMAO!! It conmines two of my favorite things--shoes and booze! LOL! And then she sent a cute little wooden cabin that has balsam fir incense cubes that when you burn them, the scent comes out of the chimney. And the absolute best of all--notecards with reproductions of her paintings! Raeanne, honestly, you are soooo talented! I am in awe of your gift! And thank you so, so much! You are a sweetie! Smootchies!!

Gosh, it's hard to believe that it's almost 2011. For me, personally, it was a good year. A hard year, but good. It's my prayer that this new year will be what everyone want it to be for them. :)



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Well, we are all about to embark on a new year.
For some.....good riddance to 2010
For others....job well done

Isn't it wonderful that we can share in all of it during 2011?

Stop by more often; we can cry with you, laugh with you, celebrate with you, and just hang out like good cyber girlfriends.

I wish you all multiple blessings of good health, happiness, and inner peace.

Happy New Year!

Love ya!

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Carolyn: NORMAL is a setting on the dryer! Go for the LIFE you want!

NHSuzanne: TMI! - Uh, have fun "celebrating" before 10! LOL!

Maddie: Come here and shop for scrubs! The NW has the best ones - that's why all the hospital shows are based in Seattle! haha-

DeeMarie! Well, I am glad you're feeling better! Wow, don't wear yourself out the FIRST day!

Personally, I say GOOD BYE to 2010 and A POSITIVE OUTLOOK for 2011!

Just think, maybe PJ will FINALLY answer that quiz I posted oh, so long ago! heehee...

I'm off to the community center to ring in the New Year on East Coast time - done by 9pm our time. That's what they do here on the rock...I guess the REAL midnight is JUST TOO CRAZY for people here. GAH!

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Happy New Year and Rabbit! Rabbit!, everyone!

I survived a New Year's eve without company, and it wasn't as bad as I'd anticipated. I'd been invited to parties, but decided to stay home and continue to organize things. The anticipation was unpleasant, but the actual evening went well.

It's a beautiful, sunshiny day here in Dallas with a temp of 32 D. I've had the heat running for an hour, and it's about to the point that I can lower it because the apartment is toasty warm and the heat stays in well on the first floor. A good thing, economy-wise!

Marci and Patti,thank you for the Christmas cards. I didn't send out any this year. I hope I'll get back into the groove one day soon. Meanwhile, BJ, I'll remember what you said about "normal" being a dryer setting!

Today holds more purging and organizing for me. I brought way too much stuff, and it's hard to let go of it, but slowly I'm doing just that.

Tonight, I'm going up to my son's home and several of our cousins will be joining us for a New Year's day dinner. Fun! We were all together last Sunday night, along with many otber cousins, so tonight is our chance to sit and visit with one another without all the others around. I get to play with my grandson, and that's always good for my morale. I'm taking my computer and printer for my son to work on. I'm such a ninny about electronics, and I've done something so that I can no longer print. Ugh!

Wishing everyone a great first day of 2011!

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Hi Guys!

Happy New Year!

Carolyn, its great that you get to spend time with your grandkids! I'd love that! Organizing a new place is always fun - especially when it's ALL YOURS! You can have it any way you want it!!!

I am going to attempt to take a bite out of my garage today. It is a royal mess. Too many years of stuff moved from place to place. The good news is, I am in the mood to get rid of stuff. I also have to remake my guest room and foster room. I am going to use some of the stuff from the garage to make both more homey.

And EXERCISE. I am going to fit some of that in today. Yeah.

Hope everyone's New Year's was fun!

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Okie dokie... It is now Jan., 1 and I weighed in and oh boy... I am now on a quest to lose 41.2 lbs.

So, if y'all don't mind, I would like to join you here at the Diet Forum.


Another Carolyn, but to avoid becoming confuzzled.. you can call me CS.. =0)

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Hi, Carolyn. I'm the same one from the OHH. Surprise!

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Hi Carolyn, I don't have any problem with any of that... all water under the bridge... Someone mentioned at another board of writing down your regrets for the year and then burning it and moving on ... and that is precisely what I have done... I don't know what you may have gathered from OHH, but I have always maintained that I am Christian, but I am not Christ, and I am not perfect... but I AM as good as the rest of the OHH'ers whether they believe it or not..

With that being said, I do hope that we can and will move on.. and that you will not judge me based on the "Bully Squad" and their opinions..

Happy New Year...


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It is said that if one tells a story enough times, one actually begin to believe it . . .

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Happy New Year to all!

Welcome to all newcomers!!

We are a diverse group open to anyone who wishes to join us. We have gotten to know each other over time and have developed friendships. Carolyn from TX has been a part of our group for quite a while now. As you can probably see from our posts we don't just discuss weight loss but that is important to all of us :-)

I don't know what type of forum OHH is but on behalf of our group I am requesting that you leave whatever drama may have taken place there over there. We are not at all into that.

That said, welcome again!

May we all have a blessed and happy 2011.

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That is good to hear. I am worn out from all the drama and have no taste for it. I have never had any issue with CarolynTX ever at any board and have never read anything from her that would be untoward about anyone at all.

However, if she or anyone else feels that my being here would be a hindrance in any way, then I will courteously take my leave.

Have a nice evening....


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Not at all Carolyn, we are glad to have you with us!
My comment was prompted by the one made by iknownothingatall. That comment led me to believe something had occurred at OHH. I said what I said because of that, no other reason. I don't know or care about what took place on another forum. iknownothingatall is welcome to join us as well if she wants to.

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Donna, thank you for what you said. I want everyone to know that I would never have brought up any past drama here.

CS, you're welcome to post here. This is a loving, caring, drama-free (as far as meanness goes) forum of women who have been together for many years, always supporting and encouraging one another. I think this forum is about 12 years old. Here's to another 12(?) great years together, ladies!

And, with that said, I am out of here for the evening to enjoy a lovely dinner with a friend!

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2 Carolyns! - BONUS!!!!! Yay! The more, the merrier!

CS: I am sure that if you post here regularly, you will be motivated! I have gone from XL - to SMALL and back many times. Now I am large again, but, ever hopeful and optimistic, I am starting over for 2011! I would love to lose 50 pounds. That would thrill me.

Maybe this year, I'll lose it and it will never find me again!!!

Welcome new comers!

Love you guys! Another year at SS DAILY! Happy New Year!

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Thank you.... so I will start posting my stats tomorrow.. Is that how y;all are doing it??

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We post anything we want. Whatever you want to do.

Some of us come go for accountability, some for support, some for for laughter, tears, you name it!

It's the NO BAD IDEAS thread...

VERY supportive. I've been coming here forever! This a my sanctuary. These girls know all my secrets, my ups, downs, and everything in my life.

They are the sisters you wish you had...

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